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Linda Pastan and A an introduction of to A Daughter leaving Home

To A Daughter leaving Home is a poem that describes the memory of a mommy teaching her young daughter come ride a bicycle.

The contrasts are clear - the title says that her daughter is now old enough to leaving home, however the poem concentrates top top the past, once she was only a child. The poet carefully and also cleverly extends the an allegory of the cycle as component of life's journey.

Linda Pastan's poems are frequently windows into domestic life at every levels, taking in husband and also wife issues, the challenges of motherhood and also the complex relationships in between family members.

To A Daughter leaving Home concentrates on a certain aspect of family members life, finding out to drive a bike, something we've all had a walk at, and turns this simple experience right into a threshold moment.

The tension created in between mother and also daughter comes and goes as the stare progresses, acquisition the reader right right into the action, whilst the metaphorical undercurrents enable for reflection and reaction.

The mother's love because that her son comes through, the imagery continues to be strong, however learning just how to cope v that very same child together an adult is always much more of a challenge.

To A Daughter leave Home

When ns taught you in ~ eight come ride a bicycle, loping along next to you as you wobbled far on 2 round wheels, my own mouth rounding in surprise as soon as you traction ahead under the curved route of the park, I retained waiting because that the thud of her crash as I sprinted to catch up, while you grew smaller, more breakable through distance, pumping, pump for her life, screaming v laughter, the hair flapping behind you choose a handkerchief waving goodbye.

Further analysis of to A Daughter leaving Home

The speaker is the mother, (possibly a dad or various other close relative), looking earlier to the time when the daughter is finding out to drive a bike. It's a personal, extended out short scene remind the daughter the this an extremely important finding out process, a staging write-up for most children.

The bike lesson becomes the focal suggest as a metaphor for life - life is a bike - through all the potential dangers that involves.

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So the have to know just how to steer, exactly how to keep balance and also how come avoid crashes is paramount. Co-ordination is vital. The mom is loping along alongside the daughter together she wobbles through uncertainty; the mother's mouth rounds in surprised in expectation that disaster when the daughter moves ahead, perhaps on her very own for the very first time.