I"m embarrassed to admit to the town hall this show. However this question has actually been bothering me for some time.

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Lala is pretty lot the key character in the series. She is the common "primary" female in this genre of harem tasiilaq.net.

Lala to be the key character because that the first two seasons: "To LOVE-Ru" and "Motto come LOVE-Ru".

However, in season 3 (To LOVE-Ru Darkness) Lala all of sudden disappears indigenous the stage and also is no longer the main character. Instead Momo (Lala"s sister) becomes the major female character.

Why is this? What affected the author to pull Lala from facility stage and replace her through Momo?

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Well, native watching the tasiilaq.net increase to analysis the manga (currently wait for Darkness 2nd), I can only say that the author did a really an excellent job ~ above balancing the flags motivated for every heroines in the series. Even though I'm a pan of Momo, ns didn't desire the collection to focus whatever on her (just like just how it was focusing on Lala on pre-Darkness tasiilaq.net). Fortunately, the extension from the manga doesn't do that. Prior to I realized, come LOVE-Ru came to be one of my peak harem tasiilaq.net, and also I'll be expecting a lot from come LOVE-Ru! :D
may 6 "15 at 2:18
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Note: this answer might contain minor spoilers.

Instead Momo (Lala"s sister) i do not care the main female character. What influenced the author to traction Lala from center stage and replace her with Momo?

I don"t understand how much along the tasiilaq.net is, however that"s not completely correct. Momo becomes a much more important character than she was in previous TLR instances, yet I think that"s mainly for amusement / The Harem Plan™. And Lala isn"t totally dead yet. Why she isn"t as prominent anymore? I have actually no genuine answer come that, but my assumption: v is the her particular story is over and maybe the author just got worn down of her. :)

Also, let"s look at the surname of the tasiilaq.net (and manga): to LOVE-Ru Darkness.And whose name includes "Darkness" again? Right, Konjiki no Yami, aka Golden Darkness.

It becomes obvious pretty quick that she"s the new main heroine, together the story revolves about her origin, she purpose, and also friends / foes she has out in the universe.

A details example would certainly be Mea,

that is an fabricated "transforming weapon" similar to Yami,

and she mysterious master.

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We likewise finally gain to understand Yami"s mother. It"s hard to check out where specifically TLR:D is walking yet, however it"s no your average ecchi fanservice manga / tasiilaq.net anymore.