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Anyone know approx. Just how much a time belt/water pump adjust should expense on a 96 V6? I"m walk to require it done soon, and want to make sure I"m not getting ripped off. I"m in the USA, if that matters.Thanks!

Wow the takes me 9 job to net $700. Ns biting the bullet and doing mine for sure. I priced these components on, belt = $45, idler wheel $58, water pump $60. It seems to be ~ to it is in cheapest ive seen.In mine opinion timing belts space a damaging idea. They have to never have actually eliminated an excellent old, trustworthy timing chains. Time belts room nothing much more than a bean-counting, price cut -measure native the auto companies.

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i had actually my tb done around a year back at a toyota dealer because that $239+tax on mine 95 v6. Also had all the various other accesory/drive belts changed at the exact same time for this reason the full was choose $330.check the stealerships sometimes they have actually deals. Add to they carry out it quick. I had my car ago in 5 hours.edit: ~ above the various other topic of chain vs. Belts i think it has to do with noise. Belts space quiter than chains. Although having to replace them every 60k does obtain pricey.
or v a small know just how you might do it you yourself for really cheap....its not that difficult, though deserve to be an extremely time consuming because that someone that doesnt know what to perform the very first time. That takes me a pair hours, who else because that the first time maybe more like 4-6+
I would lot rather have a belt than a chain. I had a 86 4x4 truck and the chain went out on it. Well really jsut eh guides yet when they walk you nice much need to pull the oil pan to get out every the crap. Plus if a chain breaks, and they execute break with much less than 100k miles on it, you can pretty lot count on major engine work since most chain driven engines space interference engines. Ns would much rather invest 300 dollars every 60-90k miles and get mine car ago thesame day then have to replace valves and also who understand what for cost look around at some of your neighborhood dealers websites. Alot of time they have coupones because that timing belt replacement. Friend can gain a 4 cyl excellent for about 200 dollars and also the V6 because that 250 or so. Just be ready for them to try and upsell you seals, idlers and water pump. That can add up really quick