The Algarve is the beautiful coastline of southern Portugal and also one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the country. Lisbon is the vibrant funding city and also is the ar of the main international airport that Portugal.

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Connecting Lisbon and the Algarve are frequent and inexpensive public transfer services, and this consists of the contemporary Alfa Pendular train. This article will detail how to travel from the Algarve to Lisbon by train, and also includes fares, timetables and useful tourist advice.

Note: The key airport the the Algarve is Faro Airport, however routes are primarily European, if you room flying come Portugal from exterior of Europe friend will normally land at Lisbon.


Lisbon is the finest capital city in Europe


timeless fishing towns or banging nightlife, the Algarve is just one of the cannot be beaten for a holiday

Exact destination guides

This short article is for basic advice because that travelling from the Algarve come Lisbon. We have actually written much more specific guides for the major resort towns of the Algarve; the guides are for:Lagos come Lisbon – Tavira come Lisbon

Lisbon come the Algarve, an overview

There is a solitary train line the connects Lisbon come the Algarve, an intercity route that passes v the city of Tunes before terminating in Faro. Tunes and also Faro are connected to the Algarve local railway, i m sorry extends native Vila real de Santo António in the east, come Lagos, in the west. Therefore, most train journeys native Lisbon come the Algarve require a link from the inter-city organization to a local train.

The to express buses follow a similar route, heading southern from Lisbon follow me the toy fee A2 expressway, and then heading either east or west. Every bus services from Lisbon to the Algarve are direct and also do not call for a connection, however they often tend to only stop in the bigger towns.


Rede Expressos coaches are contemporary and comfortable


The refer Alfa Pendular train pulling out of the Estação do Oriente in Lisbon

Train or bus?

This is probably the most vital question to consider when travelling from Lisbon come the Algarve or vice-versa. Generally, us recommend train take trip over bus, as it is more comfortable and spacious, yet there space two concerns that should affect your choice.

No train journey is direct, and also a connection from the regional train come the refer train is needed, yet if friend follow one of the timetabled routes the relations are not difficult.

Most bus journeys room direct, yet times in between train and bus room comparable, because that example; Lagos-Lisbon 3h52 train and also 3h45 bus and Tavira-Lisbon, 4h02 train 4h15 bus. (Note; these space the fastest day-to-day services over there are lot slower services!).

The 2nd point, is your proximity come a train station. Several of the popular resort towns are a an extremely long distance from a train station (Albufeira 7km, Vilamoura 5km), and you may prefer simply to capture the bus instead of paying because that a lengthy taxi fare.

Note: The Lisbon-Algarve to express bus services carry out not offer Alvor, Carvoeiro, Armação de Pêra and Ferragudo, because that these you will should take a taxi, Uber or neighborhood bus come the nearest train (or bus station). Because that these destinations, we would recommend taking the train.

If you execute decide to take the bus end the train, the main intercity bus agency is Rede Expressos and also their website is

The remainder the this write-up will detail how to take trip from Lisbon come the Algarve by train.


The Algarve to Lisbon train solutions are operated by Comboios de Portugal (CP), the national train company of Portugal.

There space two stages of train take trip from Lisbon come the Algarve. The first stage is the fast-intercity service between Lisbon and also Faro (or Tunes), and also the 2nd stage is the slow local service come your will town.

There are two standards of train between Lisbon and Faro: the Alfa Pendular, i m sorry is much more luxurious, when the Intercidades (intercity train) are slightly cheaper and slower.

The Lisbon come Faro train tickets should be pre-booked, as each ticket is designated a seat, and also the number of seats is limited. Tickets for the whole journey deserve to be purchased native the Comboios de Portugal website ( or from any train station. Tickets have the right to be reserved up to 30 days, and over the last couple of years there have actually been substantial savings (up come 50% off) as soon as booked well in-advance.

Warning: well-known summer services execute sell out, it is no advisable just to revolve up in ~ the station shortly prior to the exit time and also hope the there are still seats obtainable for the refer train.

The Alfa Pendular trains provide a far better level that comfort, have free Wi-Fi and also a buffet service. A solitary ticket indigenous Lisbon come Faro because that the Alfa Pendular prices €30.70/€22.90 (1st/2nd), and for the Intercidades it prices €28.70/€21.90(1st/2nd) (correct May19). Over there is only a single class that train i m sorry operates follow me the Algarve railway, the slow local train. Seat room not scheduled on this class of train, and also it have the right to be ideal described as basic.

Note: over there are numerous third-party websites marketing train tickets, yet they may have added booking fees; it constantly makes feeling to book directly through Comboios de Portugal. On the exact same theme, the main intercity bus agency of Portugal is Rede Expressos and also their website is

Train stations in Lisbon and the Algarve

All trains to the Algarve depart native the Estação execute Oriente in Lisbon.

Oriente station is to the north-east that the city (GPS: 38.768586, -9.098835), and is in the Parque das Nações district. The Estação do Oriente is linked to the red metro line, and this subway line likewise serves the airport.

Oriente is a busy transfer interchange through metro, bus and train station, yet is basic to navigate around, with clear signage and also plenty the lifts. The contrary the station is the contemporary Vasco da Gama purchase centre, where there are countless restaurants and also cafes.

Faro and Tunes train stations room tiny in comparison, being little much more than a platform and ticket office. Faro train station (GPS: 37.019691, -7.941046) is a 200m walk native the intercity bus station (GPS: 37.016996, -7.937422) or a 300m walk to the city centre. Tunes station (GPS: 37.165733, -8.257292) is 8km inland native Albufeira, in the little town that Tunes, and not close come anything of interest to tourists.

Our opinion: Faro is the historic regional capital, and is very recommended because that a day trip during your continue to be in the Algarve.Related articles: Estação carry out Oriente – Faro city guide

There are two daily straight train company from Faro to Porto, and also Porto to Faro, which likewise connects to the Algarve regional train.

The Faro-Porto trip takes 5h50min, and also the tickets for Alfa Pendular service cost €59.30/€42.90 (1st/2nd). The train is constantly the recommended method of travel for such long distances, and the timetable for trains between Faro and also Porto deserve to be watched here:

You may not have thought about Porto as part of her holiday, yet it is a fascinating city and also is as great as Lisbon (but has fewer tourists!)Related articles: our Porto guide

The Algarve local railway

The 2nd stage that the train journey offers the Algarve regional train to travel to your last destination. For travellers heading come the east of the Algarve (Tavira, Monte Gordo, Olhao), the connection is in the city the Faro.

For travellers travelling to the west Algarve (Lagos, Portimão, Praia da Rocha), the connection is in ~ the city of Tunes. Because that Albufeira, depart at Ferreiras terminal (the terminal after Tunes) and also catch a taxi because that the 6km journey to the resort centre.

The Algarve railway is really slow; it takes nearly an hour to travel from Lagos to Tunes, or 40 minutes from Faro to Tavira. Exit times the the regional services align through the arrival and departure that the timetabled Lisbon to express trains.

When heading west, the regional train does no pass near to any kind of of the main resorts, so an onward taxi will be required. Praia da Rocha is 4km indigenous the train terminal (in Portimão), Silves is 1.5km from it’s train station, and Carvoeiro is 6km to the nearest station (Estombar-Lagoa GPS: 37.143376, -8.485717).

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Lagos train terminal is situated close to the city and also it is just a short walk come the main centre. The towns to the east of the Algarve are situated close to the train station and only a short onward journey is required.