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So i went to check my fluids today and i noticed a nasty brown/reddish sludge in my coolant reservoir. At an initial I assumed it to be a puffy head gasket, however I drained mine oil and also it watch clean. Also I haven"t to be blowing any smoke. I"m thinking it could be ATF fluid from a cracked tranny fluid cooler in the radiator. Thoughts?Uploaded v

Ahhh i really couldn"t even tell you. I have 130k top top it and also I to buy it ago in 05 w/ 86k, for this reason probably earlier when ns bought it.
theres a an excellent chance you could need to really flush the end your cooling mechanism well. The brown stuff might just it is in rust and also old gunk. If there was oil or atf in there it would more than likely be floating on top of the coolant separately

johnmd32 on Jun/04/10I"m thinking it could be ATF liquid from a cracked tranny liquid cooler in the radiator. Thoughts? That"s very possible though I"ve never ever seen that happen.
ns think you space right. A crack between the cooler and also radiator is the only sensible way ATF would acquire into the radiator fluid.
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yeah gradually thats just how mine got. If it to be atf fluid it would certainly look every bubbly. A straightforward flush should eliminate that
That gunk in there reminds me that what the radiator stop leak ingredient looks favor after its been in there a while.
Yea it"s floating on peak of the coolant as well, simply can"t gain my phone in there to take a good picture. Well the way I watch it my two choices are gain an outside ATF cooler and mount it up separately and also just run the infection lines straight to that (and in which method plug increase the ATF Cooler harbor in the radiator?) OR number that the totality radiator is most likely scrapped and also just acquire a new one.That"s assuming that it is absolutely ATF. I had a friend indicate that it could just it is in a tiny oil leak right into the coolant through the head gasket, but it"s so small that the push is just enough to press oil right into the coolant, yet not enough to walk the various other way. It"s reasonable enough, yet I don"t really know what to do about that. Replace the HG for a small leak? This sucks....
Yea it"s floating on optimal of the coolant together well, simply can"t obtain my call in over there to take it a great picture. Well the way I see it my two choices are get an exterior ATF cooler and also mount it up separately and also just run the transmission lines directly to the (and in which method plug up the ATF Cooler harbor in the radiator?)
That looks choose mine did. Perform a pressure test on your cylinders, i bet the # 2 or #3 cylinder is low. I changed the head gasket, water pump and timing belt. Additionally took the head to a device shop because that resurfacing and a valve job.
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If girlfriend do have a head gasket leak or also a tiny one in the radiator if friend wanna quick fix then a party of blue adversary in. ****s amazing its like 80 bucks a bottle
I took the res out and also showed it come someone and also they think it"s just sediment accumulated from the radiator. It"s no really oily, it kind of simply gunks together, so maybe it"s just time for a new rad.
That gunk in over there reminds me the what the radiator avoid leak ingredient looks favor after its remained in there a while.
You will require a new radiator. You deserve to a crack between the bottom atf cooler tank and also the radiator. I have had this take place on a Acura Mdx in ~ work. Girlfriend will require to drainpipe the radiator, change it. To fill the radiator with soapy water (very tiny soap) and also run the vehicle for a while, then drain and refill v soapy water and also repeat 5-6 times. The soap will aid get the ATF out that has run v the engine coolant lines/passages, friend will get 95% of the out. You will certainly never gain it all out but the an ext the better! when finished, fill v coolant and test drive!
Did you happen to mix coolants? if friend mix the red coolant and also the green one you obtain some sludge in your rad.

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I have the very same problem but my rad is six months old ns cleaned this stuff the end my resvor favor twice do the washing up my rad numorus time it avoid over heater still shedding ain"t frozen ..I think I require a whole brand-new motor
You must flush both her cooling system and also transmission come remove every one of the sludge that was created. On peak of that, you"ll need a new radiator.
I had actually this same problem the reddish orange sludge in overflow and in Radiator, the compression ~ above cylinders to be fine, no smoke from tail pipe, no milky oil cap, yet the Auto trans dipstick looked prefer Strawberry milk! v that gift said, ~ above FB teb web page 99% kept telling me swollen Head Gasket or cracked head. Go they not review what i typed? fine after letting my vehicle sit there for 2 mos and also suffering there is no a automobile except to drive 4 blocks rt like 3 times. I had actually a mechanic come by and with all the I had actually told him and also what the inspected he claimed it was certainly my RADIATOR & transmission COOLER are enabling the 2 fluids to mix and also go into motor and also tranny. At this point I bought new Radiator and also flushed x2 (I wish i did more) and now we gotta drain transmission and also replace fluid, journey it about to permit it execute its thing and then repeat x2. Climate only way I will have the ability to tell just how this operated is by visual, well possibly physical together the trans to be exhibiting much more slippage than common in the very short street I journey it prior to the flush.I am simply afraid that what I have read will certainly be true as much as clean the dust it likes in there and also transmission failure with be immanent. Ns will update you on last outcome