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Johntá Austin, executive Producer, Writer - trojan Taylor, additional Engineer, executive, management Producer - Tor Erik Hermansen, Writer, instruments - Mikkel S. Eriksen, instruments - Amund Björklund, Writer - Mikkel Eriksen, Writer - josh Houghkirk, Assistant Mixing technician - PHIL TAN, Mixer - Espen Lind, Guitar, Writer - Trey Songz, lead Vocals, Co-Executive Producer, MainArtist - StarGate, Producer - note Christensen, Mastering technician - Delante Murphy, executive Producer

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Troy Taylor, added Engineer - Tremaine Neverson, Writer - Fabian Marasciullo, Mixer - Tony Scales, Writer - Trey Songz, Producer, lead Vocals, MainArtist - Kenneth Coby, Writer, Audio Recording technician - Kenneth "Soundz" Coby, Producer - Steven "Skoob" Dennis, Assistant Engineer

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1 disc(s) - 2 track(s) complete length: 00:07:21
16-Bit CD quality 44.1 kHz - stereotype

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Everyday Life


day-to-day Life Coldplay

Ghost Stories


Ghost stories Coldplay

A rush of Blood come the Head


A rush of Blood to the Head Coldplay



Parachutes Coldplay
more on
by Trey Songz


Trey Songz

brain Trey Songz

Back Home

Trey Songz

earlier Home Trey Songz

Back residence (feat. Summer Walker)

Trey Songz

earlier Home (feat. Summer Walker) Trey Songz

Back Home

Trey Songz

ago Home Trey Songz

Trigga (Hi-Res variation - Explicit)

Trey Songz

Trigga (Hi-Res variation - Explicit) Trey Songz
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