Before friend Start

We recommend asking family and friends to aid with tree setup, since it have the right to take roughly two hours to assemble and also shape a tree for the first time. Acquisition your time setup up her tree will ensure the it appears full and realistic transparent the holiday season.

What’s in the Box?

Assembly instructions Tree stand with eyebolt (for non-Flip™ trees) Numbered tree sections (Section 1 is the tree base) replacement bulbs/fuses because that pre-lit trees pear remover tool Cotton gloves storage bag regulate box & remote manage (for color + Clear™ and select Flip™ trees)


The setup indict vary based upon the design of your Balsam Hill tree. Our upper and lower reversal TREE™ models feature patented an innovation for the quickest and also easiest setup, and also our instant EVERGREEN™ models call for minimal fluffing. Choose HERE because that assembly directions for classic (Non-Flip™) Trees, and also HERE for Flip™ Tree assembly directions.


Step 1|Assemble Tree Stand

Balsam Hill’s had tree base folds out into an X-shape comprised of 4 legs. Revolve the eyebolt right into the was standing just enough to ensure the foot cannot fold earlier together.

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Step 2|Secure the Tree

Insert the bottom section of the tree into the base climate tighten the eyebolt completely. The center pole should prolong straight up and also should not wobble. All Balsam Hill™ trees use hinged branches the are currently pre-attached to the facility pole — so you perform not need to attach the piece individually come the trunk.

Step 3|Shape the Branches

Open up the hinged branches ~ above the bottom section and start to form the branches.

Please describe our thorough shaping instructions below to acquire the fullest and also most realistic look. Insert and shape the center section(s) of the tree in the same manner. To minimize the need for fluffing, consider our immediate EVERGREEN™ models.


Step 1|Prepare the Tree

Flip Trees™ role out the their box in warehouse position, through the base ar upside under on the stand. Role the tree to your chosen display location, making certain that over there is enough space to upper and lower reversal it. Then eliminate the warehouse bag, lock the wheels, and plug in the lamp to certain they are all working.

Step 2|Identify upper and lower reversal Path

Locate the flip route indicator arrowhead on the height of the upper and lower reversal pole to number out which direction the tree flips, and clear the flip path by advertise the branches left or best of the tree trunk for the whole length of the tree base.

Step 3|Flip the Tree

Flip the tree by place one or both hands on the optimal of the upper and lower reversal pole and also pulling in the direction that the arrow towards you. Ar one foot ~ above the horizontal bar top top the was standing to secure the tree if flipping. Lock the tree into place using the security strap at the base, and put ~ above the tree top.

Step 4|Shape the Branches

Open increase the hinged branches top top the bottom section and start to form the branches. Please describe our detailed shaping instructions here to achieve the fullest and most realistic look. Form the middle section(s) that the tree in the very same manner.


Balsam Hill’s pre-lit trees are accessible in 2 irradiate assembly types: basic Plug™ trees (including Flip™ and Instant Evergreen™) and traditionally-lit trees. Lamp on our basic PLUG™ models are automatically associated inside the trunk, whereas classic pre-lit trees have actually light strings that space manually connected from end-to-end exterior the tree.

Step 1|Assemble the Lights

PLEASE NOTE: If girlfriend ordered an easy Plug Tree, you may skip this action as the lights are automatically connected.

recognize the color-coded plugs and also sockets on every tree section. Insert every plug into its equivalent socket through the matching sticker. If you have a color + Clear™ tree, red stickers note the clean lights’ plugs, sockets, and the control box outlet, if yellow stickers mark the elements of multicolor lights throughout the tree. Plug the cord leading from the receiver box near the tree base right into an electrical wall outlet. Then, determine the two distinctive sets the lights that plug right into the equivalent color-coded expansion cords. Beginning with the optimal section, connect the extension cords to their sockets on the tree section below. Depending on the height of her tree, cords might affix up or down from a details section. Once you with the tree base, plug the cords right into the control box.

To discover lighting instructions for a specific tree, find for its unique PDF HERE.

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Step 2|Turn on the Lights

If your tree has actually a foot pedal, step on that to move the lights on and also off. If your tree has actually a remote, eliminate the plastic insert indigenous the battery compartment of the far control and also choose "Clear," "Multi," or "Both" to light the tree.

If the lamp on your tree space not work properly, please review our TROUBLESHOOTING page or contact US because that assistance.