Goat cheese walk with nearly anything and everything. Even if it is you want to combine it in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can never operation out of options with goat cheese.

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It come in a ton of varieties choose cream cheese, crottin, blue cheese, American cheese, and also much more.

Thus, whether you have a sweet tooth or want something an ext savory, everyone can find a location with goat cheese.

Since goat cheese is therefore popular and delicious, there could be a many times once you can not resist and just to buy a ton of it from the grocery store.


Or, since you’re here, perhaps that’s what taken place to you.

And currently you’re worried if the excess goat cheese would go bad, how you should store it, or just how long go goat cheese last.

Or maybe you have actually lots that leftover goat cheese from critical week’s slumber party, and also you’re wondering just how to inspect it if it’s quiet in good condition. Every little thing your problems are, us are below to aid you.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything concerning the storage and also shelf life that goat cheese.

So, if you want to learn an ext about how long go goat cheese critical or exactly how you can tell if your goat cheese has turned bad, read on.

How lengthy Does Goat Cheese Last? does Goat Cheese go Bad?

Yes, goat cheese can go bad, simply like any other food product. But the price to exactly how long a goat cheese would certainly last depends on a the majority of factors.

What sort of goat cheese you are using, exactly how you save on computer it, or how it to be manufactured, every these play an essential role in identify the shelf life that goat cheese.

To do things easier for you, let’s stick come the three main categories the goat cheese (you’re most most likely to come across) –


Fresh goat cheese – this variation comes in different shapes and also sizes, more commonly in a rectangle log-shaped.

You deserve to spread the without any type of hassle. You can store this in their original packaging or a plastic bag.

Aged goat cheese – age goat cheese room firmer in texture and has a stronger flavor. These are stored to ripen for a duration of approximately 12 weeks.

For storing age cheese, wrap that in some kind of parchment record first. And they layer that up through a plastic wrap.

Soft-ripened goat cheese – this cheeses mostly have a bloomy rind comparable to brie cheese. You deserve to store this in an airtight container.

At every times, make sure to save your cheeses in the refrigerator. As soon as you refrigerate it, the shelf life all goat cheese becomes quite similar.

Now that you understand everything about the storage let’s move on to their shelf lives.

Generally, if you keep it properly in the fridge, goat cheese will certainly last up to 1 to 2 weeks.

If you desire to further expand their shelf life, girlfriend can even opt to freeze it. As soon as you freeze the cheese well, it can even last up to 6 months or beyond.

In fact, if girlfriend constantly freeze your cheese at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the will continue to be safe for consumption throughout the year.

It might not taste as good as before, however the cheese definitely becomes free from any spoilage.

How come Tell if Goat Cheese is Bad? Goat Cheese Shelf Life!

You can quickly tell if her goat cheese has actually gone negative by the looks and smell of it.

First, look the end for any kind of discolorations or molds top top the cheese surface. Goat cheese that have actually bloomy rinds room most likely to construct some kind of molds ~ above the surface.

However, girlfriend can reduced off the white or mold parts and also enjoy the remainder of the cheese provided that the doesn’t give off a foul odor.


However, if you check out orange, blue, or red molds, this is not safe and method that you need to discard the whole cheese.

Blue cheese currently contains some sort of healthy blue or green colored molds. So, execute not get confused with that.

But various other than that, if you notification any various other kind the molds ~ above its surface, it’s much better if friend toss that out.

In case of new or wash goat cheese, look the end for slimy molds or inexplicable patches on the surface. If you notice such signs, the time come discard her goat cheese.

The second thing you can do is smell the cheese. With time, cheeses have tendency to age, and their smell becomes naturally stronger.

So, don’t mistake a strong aroma for rancid cheese. Just check if there is any kind of off smell or some unusual foul odor.

If you couldn’t number out if her goat cheese has actually turned negative by the looks and smell of it, you can always try tasting the a tiny bit.

Rancid cheese will have an turn off taste and also might also make your mouth burn. If this happens, spit it the end immediately and discard the cheese.


Goat cheese is thought about to be among the healthiest varieties of cheese. They space not only healthy and balanced but likewise delicious.

Goat cheeses space much reduced in lactose, which renders it a good choice amongst lactose-intolerant people.

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So, whether you desire to shot some scrumptious goat cheese salads, pizzas, or dips, you have the right to never go wrong through goat cheese.