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A brand-new riddle trending on social media asks the reader for one of two people a “state there is no an a” or a “state there is no the letter a.” Some other versions ask for a “state without an e” instead. You could think the prize is easy, however the an answer that the concern is trying to find is actually more facility than it shows up at very first glance. Check out on for much more details.

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The riddle is generally worded in one of several very simple ways. The human asking might simply post a condition on society media that just reads: “State there is no an ‘A’,” “State without the letter ‘A’,” or “All you have to do is discover state without an ‘A."” alternative versions might ask because that a “State there is no the letter E.”

Typically the riddle is worded in a method that sounds less-than-grammatically correct, and there’s a factor for this.

Read on once you’re ready to see the answer.

Here’s the Answer come the Riddle

The answer to the “State without an A” riddle is “Stte.” 

The answer to the “State without an E” riddle is “Stat.” 

The riddle is asking the responder to just spell the initial native “state” without an “a” in the word. That’s why it’s worded a little oddly. If castle said, “name a state there is no the letter a,” then there can be an ext reason to argue for a various answer.

(The alternate “State without an E” riddle is precisely the same, simply using E rather of A. The rest of this short article focuses top top the A version, but the same applies for the E riddle.) 

If you answered through any number of states the don’t have “a” in their name, don’t feeling bad. You might have responded with Ohio, new York, brand-new Jersey, Kentucky, or Oregon, because that example. And some could argue that those answers room perfectly valid too.

You can even try to outthink the question and answer “solid” or “liquid,” as those are says of issue without an “a” (unlike gas.)

The cheat is that they’re no asking because that the name of a state, however rather just for “state without an A.” In truth, it’s a bit of a confound riddle no matter how it’s worded, so friend can’t yes, really be blamed if you obtained the answer wrong.

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A similar Riddle Asks around a Fruit

Read on because that a similar type of the same type of riddle that’s making the rounds, together with the price to the riddle. 

A comparable riddle is additionally making the rounds that works from the same concept as the “state” riddle. This riddle asks because that “fruit without an i.” as soon as again, it’s worded in a funny means that provides you think the human being was using negative grammar. And also it could lead to answers prefer “banana” or “apple.” but the exactly answer to this riddle is merely “frut,” just like the correct answer to “state there is no an a” is “stte.”

This is just one of plenty of riddles that room circulating ~ above sites like Facebook and also Instagram throughout the coronavirus pandemic. If you’ve checked out the “How plenty of Ducks perform You See?” riddle and also were stumped, check out’s explanation here. If girlfriend ran right into the “I Met a male on London Bridge” riddle and also have no idea what the man’s surname is, you can uncover the answer in’s story here. The answer to the “You go into a Bedroom” riddle is here, and also the answer to the “Can You open up the Lock making use of These Clues?” riddle is here.