If you have actually a very dirty pool, an especially when you open up it in the spring, it is likely that the only way to clean it appropriately will it is in to vacuum swimming pool to waste. This means using the waste setup on a sand filter multiport valve in conjunction through your pool vac.

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Vacuuming pool to waste will remove all dirt or birds from the bottom of the pool by sending it via the waste heat either to your sewage device or into your yard, instead of going v the swimming pool filter system. This stays clear of the filter coming to be clogged and also fine particles going back into the pool.

If you try to vacuum a very dirty pool using the an ext usual Filter setting then it is most likely that the swimming pool filter will end up being clogged and may also start to permit dust particles and also other debris with which will then finish up back in the pool.

The various other reason you may need come vacuum to waste could be if you have a heavy infestation of algae. Algae particles have the right to be too small to be caught by the sand or various other filter medium so if vacuumed on the filter setting they will most likely just become redeposited earlier into the pool. Therefore in this case vacuuming to waste is the ideal solution to eliminate the algae from the swimming pool after it has actually been killed using shock treatment..

Almost finished and also what a difference!

Step 6 – Switch off pump

Step 7 – top up water

Turn on her garden hose, or let it store running if you have actually left that doing this while friend vacuum come waste like I do. Let that run till it will its normal level.

I additionally have an automatic top-up facility which keeps the pool at the exactly lever, and also you my have actually too, yet it is much quicker to supplement this with a garden hose too.

Step 8 – Finished

So you just need to eliminate the vacuum head and vacuum water tap from the pool, clean up and also put the pump back on after placing the multiport valve ago into the Filter position. Don’t forget to role up her backwash water tap too.

Go and also make yourself a drink – you have actually earned it!

Pool maintenance Course

When I an initial bought my residence with a swimming swimming pool I knew nothing about how to clean and also maintain it. Ns was recommended Swim University’s Pool care Handbook and video course so i bought it and also have never regretted it.

It was more than likely the finest money I spent that year as I have saved thousands by doing it myself.

After Vacuuming swimming pool to waste

I normally examine the chemical level at this phase and add anything necessary to bring the level to the exactly reading.

It is regularly not feasible to eliminate all all the dust from the bottom because you need to vacuum therefore quickly. Also, it is inescapable that while vacuuming easily to garbage that some of the finer dust particles will have actually been disturbed and also will be floating approximately the water in suspension.

I thus let the swim pool work out down because that 24 hours, permitting all the finer dust to resettle top top the bottom, and also I then provide the swimming pool a thorough vacuum on the filter setting.

Vacuuming come waste video

My video clip on Youtube

What happens once you vacuum come waste?

When you choose waste on the multiport valve, and run the swimming pool pump, the water does not go through the swimming pool filter, no one does it return to the pool via the swimming pool return. Rather it is sent straight the end of the pool system, either under the drainpipe into the sewage system or out right into the yard somewhere via the rubbish line and a backwash hose, depending upon your certain pool’s collection up.

This way the dirt that is choose up by the vacuum go not obtain trapped in the filter, clogging the filter medium or also returning come the swimming pool, however is ejected indigenous the mechanism completely.

As the water does no go ago into the swimming swimming pool the water level will go down as girlfriend vacuum, in reality at fairly an amazing rate, an especially if you have a reasonably small pool. The is then the you appreciate just how much water your pool pump actually moves. Friend will need to top the pool up afterwards.

Do you backwash after girlfriend vacuum come waste?

Since the water include the dirt does not pass through the filter if vacuuming a swimming pool to waste over there would normally be no have to backwash afterwards.

If the push is high climate you may wish come backwash to minimize it and improve suction.

How come vacuum come waste through a cartridge filter?

There occasionally no waste setting on a cartridge filter, at least in a Hayward system, for this reason you cannot filter to waste. However it is feasible to to the right a Hayward 3 means valve to bypass the filter and also if you execute that you will then have the facility to vacuum come waste.

Some cartridge filters have a drain plug ~ above the earlier of the filter housing which you have the right to unscrew. When the pump is run and you vacuum climate the water will certainly come out of this hole. Once finished you put the plug earlier in.

My top 3 pool cleaning tools

These room the swimming pool cleaning devices I have found the most useful because I have had actually my pool.

Step and corner vacuum brush

This is a really useful tool for getting into the locations that a conventional vacuum head merely cannot reach. Aquatix agree Pool step & edge Vacuum Brush

Leaf rake net

If, favor me, you acquire plenty of leaves at the bottom top top your swimming pool then a great leaf rake/net is a must. The Stargoods swimming pool Skimmer net gets under the leaves easily.

Robotic pool cleaner

These are quite expensive and it was a variety of years before I little the bullet and bought one. I have never regretted it. The Dolphin Nautilus CC to add is the many recommended pool cleaning robot on all of the pool forums. It not just cleans the bottom that the pool but also the sides and the waterline.


When friend vacuum utilizing the waste setup the pool water will be expelled, there is no returning to the pool, so the pool level will certainly drop. You must top the pool up prior to you begin, leave a hose running and also vacuum quickly.

Flocculant will typically leave debris top top the bottom that your pool so vacuuming come waste will protect against this debris clogging the filter, as would take place if vacuuming on the filter setting.

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Although both settings send water the end of the pool, when you backwash the water operation backwards through the filter first but on waste the water goes directly out that the pool.