In each of the virtual Villagers games, over there are numerous ways to obtain food to feed the inhabitants. However, some foodstuffs -- such as honey, berries and vegetables -- are only temporary, and also if the villagers do not learn just how to fish, they will run out of food and everyone will certainly starve. In each video game fishing is the same: The cheat is figuring out how to get accessibility to the lagoon, pond or ocean to catch the fish.

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Buy level 2 building if friend have sufficient tech points. Drag and drop a villager onto the rocks in the height left that the screen. He will start clearing rocks. The rocks will clear much more quickly if you have actually multiple villagers working at the very same time.

Remove the last rock and the water will circulation down and type a lagoon. The villagers will communicate in a little celebration.

Drop a level 3 farmer into the lagoon come fish. After ~ a while, he will arise with a fish. The villagers will certainly now be able to catch fish and put lock in the food bins.

Place a grasp scientist or farmer into the ring pond. Friend may need to put the in the pond again if the tries come leave. He will walk roughly the pond for a quick time and also then walk out v a fish. The villager will take the fish come the ocean and throw the in. The distinct fish will certainly eat every one of the green algae that are covering the surface ar of the water.

Move the villagers earlier to the water if castle refuse to fish. Lock will eventually earn farming ability points and continue to fish on your own.

Create a magic medicine in the lab to remove the sharks in the ocean. Magic Faction provides two roses and one berry to do the potion. If you determined Nature Faction, use 2 black orchids and also one pitcher plant to produce the concoction.

Drop the island inhabitants onto the cauldron that includes the potion. They will take it to the sea, and also the sharks will certainly leave the area.

Place the villager farmer in the ocean after the sharks have left. Lock will continue to be in the water for a couple of seconds and walk out with fish and other seafood.

Take one adult come the lab and also she will pick up a tool. As soon as she offers the tool to gain some vines, she will lug them back to the lab.

Move another adult to the salt water area. She brings back a bowl of water and puts that in the cauldron come boil.

Drag a villager come the pot when it has finished cook the vines. She will certainly take the pulp and also pour the on a piece of level stone.

Place a villager on the rock and she will certainly beat the pulp until it turns into cloth. Villagers will have to be put on the rock ten time to get the cloth. The new cloth will certainly be taken to the garments hut to be stored. Every cauldron that pulp is beaten right into three piece of cloth.

Move a villager to the pier through the water. Keep moving villagers come the pier to fix all of the seafood nets.

Move a villager come the pier when every little thing is fixed. She will eliminate the nets indigenous the water, and they will contain fish and other seafood to feed the villagers.

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