Latin ax or phrase:virtus junxit mors non separabit
English translation:Virtue has actually joined (them); fatality will not part them.

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03:10 Dec 10, 2010
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Latin hatchet or phrase: virtus junxit mors no separabit
my mom gave me my dads mason ring v this inscription. What i want to recognize is what do the number mean and is it appropriate for a mrs to wear this in this day and also age.
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Virtue has actually joined (them); death will not part them.
Explanation:Third human pronouns are frequently omitted in Latin once they room readily interpreted from the context.

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You don"t to speak what the numbers are, however most likely they refer to the "degree" received, frequently 14 for such a ring in the Scottish Rite, see: you would really favor to wear this, I would certainly advise doing therefore discreetly ~ above a chain approximately your neck quite than together a finger ring. Friend could additionally check with someone in a neighborhood Masonic Lodge what the exactly etiquette could be.
You have offered no numbers in her question, so us cannot tell girlfriend what any numbers may mean.The engraving is in Latin, so I have moved your inquiry to the Latin-English board.
Third human being pronouns are frequently omitted in Latin as soon as they are readily construed from the context. Joseph BrazauskasUnited StatesLocal time: 21:31Works in fieldNative speaker of: English, SpanishPRO pts in category: 4