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I"m walk to shot to be fair here.While the Author, Sixperfections, has been do the efforts to job-related with the employee to no be creepy, this work, this Thread, as soon as taken as a whole, has strayed throughout the line far enough and also for long sufficient that we space no much longer comfortable offering it leeway. That is not you, Sixperfections, the is Specific the posters cheering this on and also asking for much more creepiness, description, or titillation disguised as calls because that "Drama", "Description", and "Details". This is why we can"t have actually nice things.To it is in fair, OP"s room considered nearly like a minimod of the thread, and Sixperfection"s content did undoubtedly skirt the line and she is responsible for that, so the is not just a small component his fault. But from my standpoint, looking over the thread at this juncture, the is a "two hands required to clap" kind of situation. Everyone"s at error here, even if only for no self-policing fine enough, or the Mods/staff not having enough time to constantly screen the thread (which, when unfeasible and above and beyond the call of ours duty, is still something us did no do).Let"s talk honestly on what yes, really is happening. Traction up the curtain and also show girlfriend the goings top top behind it. I have been a champion because that riskier fics and an ext lax enforcement of NSFW rule in CrW indigenous the beginning, even prior to I became a mod. Seeing world ruin a good experiment, a chance, a case study, the employee were top top purposely giving CrW in order to check the waters for more possibilities harms me an extremely much. I"m no angry. I"m simply disappointed.In the end, SixPerfections, we"re no punishing friend or expunging friend or her fic from our site. We"ll leave this subject locked for probably a future day once SB is ready. Yet for now, we can no much longer host additional updates and also discussions here on While clearly your judgement to be demonstrably skewed, we know that having actually such civilization cheering girlfriend on because that so long was a good factor in her writing, and also that you have actually tried to recoup the story indigenous that. Us wish you the best on this story, and hope because that a far better outcome in the future.

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In summation: this story has ridden the line and also crossed it plenty of times, ever so slightly. However, due to the fact that the author demonstrated willingness to work-related with the Staff, we allowed things to continue and used this thread together a testbed because that future NSFW rules changes in However, egged ~ above by constant cheering and also "Totally no sexy (don"t stop don"t prevent ohhhh hands-in-pants)" comment from the readers, not only was the fic once again brought across the heat (after Sixperfections walk what she could to make it better), the comments themselves ended up being unacceptable. Indigenous this the employee realized that also if Sixperfections did whatever right and stayed top top the right side the the heat from now on, the Readers, the Spacebattlers following and also participating in this object themselves, would make things creepy and unacceptable.And so should we component lest much more damage is excellent by any party involved. The is our hope that ending things here will permit for every one of us, all of the political parties involved, walk away finding out something from this and also growing without any hard feelings between us.We wish you the best and also hope you proceed to find success through your fic.I personally am looking front to a future wherein you can proceed this fic here, however for now, this thread has become an example to suggest to whenever who complains about the NSFW rules, especially why it"s not just the author"s error or the author"s contents we room worried about.
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Staff interactions or Appeals. Though, relying on how much work we"re getting, which atm is a lot, the responses might be slow.>Edit: as per info from defenestrator , update the gendered pronoun in this post.