Customers order your burgers at the downtown Skirted Heifer top top Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 in Colorado Springs. 




At the quick Stop Burgers on powers Blvd. Over there is no at home seating, yet customers sit in ~ an the end table ~ above Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020. (Photo by Jerilee Bennett, The

This 2014 picture shows the Bingo citizens Combo “The stole City,” featuring a double Bingo Burger v bacon, caramelized onions and also cheddar cheese served with hand-cut fries and, in the background, a “Blackout” soil Colorado-sourced chicken, bacon, Swiss and guacamole top top a multigrain bun offered with sweet potato fries. 

The very first In-N-Out in Colorado Springs opened Friday morning with long lines and also excited customers. (Video by Katie Klann)

Good hamburgers and burger restaurants are numerous in Colorado Springs.

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Now, include In-N-Out Burger come the mix.

The southerly California-based chain, established in 1948 and with a legion of fans, has joined other nationwide brands and local mainstays that offer the Pikes optimal region; on Friday, it opened up its very first Colorado Springs restaurant, south-east of InterQuest and also Voyager parkways on the city"s north side, along with one in Aurora.

With In-N-Out"s arrival, The has turned the spotlight on hamburgers — explaining the origins of the fast-food staple, mental a now-shuttered favorite regional chain and also focusing top top area burgess joints.

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Some of those longtime Colorado Springs restaurants are well mindful that In-N-Out enjoys a passionate following among customers that love its straightforward menu the burgers, fries and also shakes.

But regional burger restaurants have actually their fans, too. And also some say they"re no worried around In-N-Out, just like they don"t fret about the McDonald"s, Wendy"s and also Burger emperors of the hamburger world.

Woodmen edition

Drifter"s Hamburgers close the door north-side location

By well-off LadenSpecial indigenous The

"We joke all the time around how we"d love to have a dispute with In-N-Out," stated Anissa Hornsey, co-owner of The Drive-In Tasty Freeze in ~ 2309 N. Weber St., behind the Safeway-anchored Bon Shopping center in the Springs" historical Old north End.

The Drive-in Tasty frozen is a expedition down storage lane — a tiny, neighborhood place that opened in 1955 and also still caters to adjacent residents who walk, bicycle or journey over for burgers, warm dogs and ice cream. Hornsey and also husband Kevin Bergsten purchase the place in April 2019.

A ahead owner had actually stopped serving hamburgers and also decided come stick with warm dogs and ice cream. Yet after hearing from customers who wanted burgers earlier on the menu, Hornsey and Bergsten bought a grill and started cooking shortly ~ their purchase of the drive-in.

Hornsey says she tops her burgers v a homemade mystery sauce, using a cooking recipes from the ahead owner the she"s tweaked a bit. The sauce provides her burgers a taste the she"ll complement anytime against In-N-Out, she said.

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And while In-N-Out"s roots go ago decades, so perform those of The Drive-In Tasty Freeze. Along with their burgers, ice cream and also other food selection items, the nostalgic look and also feel that the neighborhood drive-in makes it as distinct as any new place comes to town, Hornsey said.

"It"s a tiny gem," she said. "We"ve acquired a 100-year-old tree ~ above the patio the provides good shade in the summer. It"s right on the (Shooks Run) trail. I don"t think that In-N-Out coming to town is going to affect us in any type of way, form or form. Everybody, for one, for sure loves ours burgers. We have actually the charm of having actually a vintage, Americana, virtual drive-in type of concept."

Short avoid Deluxe Burgers in Colorado Springs can"t match In-N-Out because that longevity; it"s only been open up a little less 보다 30 years. And unlike In-N-Out and other huge chains, brief Stop boasts just a solitary location; it relocated last year native its longtime house near Platte Avenue and also Circle journey to 5819 Palmer Park Blvd., south east of Powers and Palmer Park boulevards.

Like The Tasty frozen Drive-In, quick Stop is a tiny local citizens joint. It has a drive-thru, a walk-up window and a little patio, yet no at home seating; its food selection includes burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, fries, soft drinks and also shakes.

So just how does quick Stop respond to the come of In-N-Out? the doesn"t, various other than to proceed doing what"s constantly worked fine — serving high quality food at competitive prices, providing a continuous product and also listening come customers, said owner Ted Vong.

elevating Cane"s plans 4th Colorado Springs restaurant

"We"re not changing anything as far as that"s concerned," the said.

In-N-Out has a stronger following than numerous burger places, and fantastic operation, Vong said. Some of his customers no doubt will want to try In-N-Out"s north-side restaurant, and an ext might it is in tempted once the chain opens a second location in 2021 in ~ Powers and Constitution Avenue, much closer to quick Stop, he said.

But Vong has seen competitors pertained to town in the past. The remembers Carl"s Jr., one more California burgess import, arriving in the Springs years earlier amid speculation the it would dominate the market.

Short Stop, however, has survived and even prospered over the year by difficult to that core worths of an excellent food, consistency and also customer service, Vong said. He claimed he"s doubled his sales volume in ~ his brand-new location and also is on pace to cracked the $1 million note in yearly sales.

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"Our goal is just to continue to take treatment of our customers that have been coming to us and also supporting us throughout the years, and also hopefully the they"ll stay loyal come us," Vong said.