As many of my readers currently know, i am a 4b with really thick, shoulder-length (un-stretched) hair and also I to be a large fan of moisture.

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I am additionally a fan of curly activator gels (like Long assist Curl Activator gel) and also alcohol-free holding gels (like Eco Styler). As soon as I was transitioning and also hunting for an all-day moisturizing product, I offered the ‘jheri curly juice’ (in the form of Carefree Curl and S‑Curl) a try, yet it to be sticky and also gummy in my serene hair, therefore I provided it up. As a new natural, I offered S‑Curl another try and this whitish liquid of fairly thick consistency operated pretty well… as soon as sealed v shea butter. But it no a was standing alone product and then (as now), I desire to have as few products on mine hair as feasible (even though I very own many, lol!). Critical week, I was in a disagreement General and saw ideal On curly Activator Moisturizing Lotion because that the low, short price of $1.25, so i decided, practically 3 years due to the fact that my last unfortunate curl juice experience, to give it a shot. And also I am so glad the Idid!

First off, the product smells really great! A combination of floral and fruity v a thin-ish consistency and also a pinky/orange color. Ns can apply this to wet hair alone (or as I prefer, under a curly activator gel), bun my hair and also have moisturized strands until my following wash 3–5 job later. It hasn’t yet ceased to surprised me exactly how smooth my hair! and it is for this reason soft that it almost seems to it is in a different texture — but not therefore soft that it breaks easily. The just downside (for some, no me) is the frizziness the this causes. But I nothing mind fly-aways, ns love volume, and I adopt the fuzz. If I should look put together, I simply spritz my hair and also smooth the edges of my bun through L.A. Look at or Eco Styler gel and also my semi-retired Denman brush.

My hair has never retained size so effortlessly before and also I have actually 4–6 hrs to spare each week from not braiding/twisting. I had constantly prepared myself for the inevitable reality that as my organic hair got longer it would be more daunting to manage. I am therefore happy that, v the time saved thanks to mine tension-free bun, and also my brand-new favorite curl activator lotion, that is no the case. I invest an hour and also a half on my hair every week, tops.

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From to wash to condition, come detangle to moisturizing and also bunning. The is a portion of the time I used to invest on washing and styling for twists (6hours).

Ladies, have you tried curly activator juice or odor on your natural hair? just how did the workout?!