The Weed Eater FB25 is a gas-powered handheld sheet blower transporting 300 CFM in ~ 170 MPH. It functions a 2-cycle 25 cc engine. (Read complete specs)

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Features and also Specifications

type type This blower requirements gasoline come operate." aria-hidden="true"> managing Handheld sheet blowers space light weight, room well maneuverable and are straightforward to bring around." aria-hidden="true"> CFM CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It's the maximum air volume per minute you'll obtain at the departure of the blower." aria-hidden="true"> MPH MPH represents Miles every Hour. It's the preferably air rate you'll gain at the exit of the blower." aria-hidden="true"> Blowing force This measure is offered by part manufacturers and also is a mix of MPH and also CFM. It aims to administer a more objective method of estimating blowers' performances." aria-hidden="true">
Up come 300
Up to 170
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Engine make The make of the engine. It can be made by an outside manufacturer (Honda, etc.) or a trademark belonging to Weed Eater." aria-hidden="true"> Engine displacement This is the complete volume (in cubic centimeters) of every the cylinders in the engine. Larger volumes have tendency to produce more power, but likewise consume an ext fuel." aria-hidden="true"> Strokes 2-stroke leaf blowers space the most popular. They are lighter, cheaper and often more powerful than the 4-stroke ones. However, they are powered by a gas/oil mixture." aria-hidden="true"> Fuel/oil proportion Two-stroke engines call for the owner come mix oil into the fuel at a predetermined proportion in order come ensure the engine receives enough lubrication throughout operation." aria-hidden="true"> Speed setups The Weed Eater FB25 has variable speed settings. Many often, this means it has a trigger permitting a specific control of the speed." aria-hidden="true">
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25 cc
features Fuel tank The maximum quantity of fuel the blower deserve to contain. As a dominance of thumb, the higher the capacity, the better the autonomy. However, the heavier it will certainly be come carry." aria-hidden="true"> Vacuum The Weed Eater FB25 go not function a vacuum and, therefore, can't suck increase leaves and debris." aria-hidden="true">
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Misc weight The dry weight (on an north fuel tank). It is crucial for a handheld sheet blower come be together light weight as possible." aria-hidden="true"> Noise rating sheet blowers usually generate significant noise and can impair gardeners' hearing. That is important to wear listening protection." aria-hidden="true"> Tube size The length of the traditional nozzle." aria-hidden="true"> guarantee Manufacturer's warranty. This warranty might be limited. Describe the warranty conditions on Weed Eater's website for an ext information." aria-hidden="true"> CARB-compliant
8.1 lbs
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2 years

Unlike numerous websites, we did our finest to research each that the specs above. That being said, we are not immune to making the sometimes mistake or omission. Must you notice any lacking or incorrect values, don"t hesitation to suggest improvements so us can address the issue. Should you wish more detailed specs on the Weed Eater FB25, the user hand-operated is available here (opens in a brand-new tab).