These words would seem to show that Noah had actually indeed have triplets. However is that how we should view this Scripture? Additionally, is the in harmony with other Scriptures?

It appears that what Genesis 5:32 is speak is that at the age of 500, Noah had a start of fathering children; the at this age, he came to be a Father. Execute the scriptures support this view? They absolutely do.

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Japheth The earliest Son

What we uncover in bible is the Japheth was the oldest the the three Sons of Noah. Genesis 10:21 says:

Sons were additionally born come Shem, who older brother was Japheth; Shem to be the ancestor of every the young of Eber.

So this Scripture develops that Japheth was older than Shem.

Ham The Youngest Son

The leader must an initial read every one of Genesis 9:18-24.

Then note what the scriptures at Genesis 9:24 say:

When boy name awoke indigenous his wine and found out what his youngest son had actually done come him.

We recognize this to be Ham.

So from these two Scriptures and through the process of deduction, we understand that Shem was the center Son, the 2nd born of the three.

What around Biology?

Some could argue that the bibles shown above do not prove the Noah go not have actually triplets. Why? because by these scriptures stating that Japheth to be the oldest and Ham to be the youngest could mean that Japheth was just the very first to come out of his mothers womb on that day. Those who reason this means would have a valid suggest if that were not for Genesis 7:6 and also Genesis 11:10.

We have already seen from Genesis 5:32 that Noah was 500 years old when he ended up being a Father. Genesis 7:6 shows that Noah was 600 year old at the start of the flood.

Noah to be six century old when the floodwaters came on the earth.

So within that 100 year period, Noah’s three Sons were existing to assist him construct the Ark. Obviously the Ark was not built in 100 year as part claim. What needs to be taken right into account within that 100 year time span are 2 things: (1) Noah’s boy would have needed time to grow solid in stimulate to help him, and also (2), we perform not recognize when God have actually Noah the command to construct the Ark. So because that anyone to reason that it took Noah 100 year to develop the Ark would be in error.

It was much less.

Genesis 11:10 says that Shem was 100 year old two years after the flood.

Two year after the flood, as soon as Shem was 100 year old, he ended up being the father of Arphaxad.

This Scripture says that Shem to be 100 years old two years after the flood. In other words, Shem can have no been born once Noah to be 500 year old due to the fact that Noah was 600 years old when the flood started. If Noah to be 600 year old once the overwhelming started and also began come have youngsters when he was 500 year old and Shem to be 100 years old two years after ~ the flood, then Shem had to be 100 year old as soon as Noah to be 502 year old.

So this tells us that Shem can not have actually been born when Noah to be 500 years old. That tells us that Shem was born when Noah was 502 years old. Therefore, Shem might not have been a triplet.

So we have the right to deduct native the Scriptures above is the at least one the Noah’s Son’s – Shem – was not born once Noah was 500 years old. What around the staying Sons, Ham and Japheth? might these two have been born once Noah was 500 year old? The bibles seem to indicate that was no the case.

As shown above at Genesis 10:21, Japheth to be Shems older Brother.

Since Japheth to be the older brothers of Shem and Ham Noah’s youngest Son, shows that Shem was born 2 years ~ Japheth. We don’t know when Ham was born.

But us do know the disseminate order: Japheth, Shem, and then Ham.

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