With end 70 million Ed Sheeran listener recently shown on Spotify, it would certainly make feeling that this populace has your own distinct name come amplify their love of Ed Sheeran’s sound. What space Ed Sheeran fans called?

Ed Sheeran fans are fondly referred to as Sheerios. Sheeran self co-signed the surname Sheerios in a Tweet.

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i get asked all the moment what my fans speak to themselves. I approve of sheerios, i favor that one

— Ed Sheeran (

Ed Sheeran has actually one the the best fan bases in the world. They are proud to it is in proclaimed Sheerios and also even struggle for their title top top YouTube as the finest fan group. Ed Sheeran paint, etc hate and also love with his ‘inoffensiveness’. But you feel around him, you can’t deny, there is a populace that absolutely is infatuated v him and his work.


Sheeran fans consider themselves a family and also are drawn to the lyrics and also meaningful messages in his music. They value who Ed Sheeran is together a human being from his love of cats to deep insight and also mastery level of catching the human condition in his music.

Sheeran has soared in the charts in ~ neck-breaking speed but he continues to it is in himself. Being famous to him appears as simple as tying your shoelace, it’s simply something girlfriend do. Sheerios love just how they space able to relate come him and also him to them in all social media.

Where go Ed Sheeran Live?

Where walk Ed Sheeran flourish Up?

Why Is Ed Sheeran Famous?

Sheerios agree across the board the his music has changed their lives. His text strike the heart of some of the fans so lot that they have actually tattooed selection lyrics on themselves. At Sheerio gatherings, you meet with ‘friends girlfriend don’t know yet’. They gather to show love because that Sheeran and his music.

Sheerios is a pat on the native ‘Sheeran’ and also ‘Cheerio’ together Sheeran is indigenous the UK. Slam the together and you create one that the cutest names in fandom: Sheerios. It fits. The messages painted with beautiful words that resonate with most fans coupled through an mean every day Sheeran integrate into the perfect storm of hopeful vibes.

Sheeran uses audience participation in concert experiences. Sheeran is never ever to busy to take pictures with fans and include lock as backup singers in numerous songs in ~ his venues. The is one inclusive experience and feels together if girlfriend are simply hanging out v friends. This personable relationship with his fans provides being a fan an intimate experience and explains why fans treasure Sheeran and each other.

Sheerios feed off Sheeran’s energy and also love both the man and also his music. So, who is the guy behind the fans?

Things You must Know around Ed Sheeran

Sheeran began playing the guitar at a young age and was creating lyrics close to as quickly as he might write. He had actually attended a Damien Rice concert and also had the satisfied of conference him backstage. Rice argued that he write his very own music and also Sheeran started putting pen to paper, at 11 years old.

By 14, he was making CDs and released his first EP ‘The Orange Room’. Shereen was playing tiny venues anywhere London and also getting gigs where he could. Gift adept at digital media, he post a video clip and obtained the fist of the rapper Example and proceeding touring with him. He provided online performances and also hit the iTunes charts before record labels even knew who he was.

Jamie Foxx took an attention in the after he come in America in 2010 and also Shereen found himself ~ above Sirus radio. One of his songs, ‘I view Fire’ was featured in ‘The Hobbit’. From there, Sheeran’s career was a whirlwind working with the likes that Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and also Chance the Rapper.

His music to win a chord through those superstars and also those that were not. The lyrics and rhythm interpreted to a diverse populace and the word traveled quickly, and it travel to royal ears. Prince Charles gave Sheeran one award. The remainder is history.

Sweet story of Ed Sheeran

Sheerios room right, that is tough not to prefer a male of substance and ‘a male of the people’. Right here are some of the sweeter story you might not know and are the kind of story that function why Sheerios space Sheerios:

1. His original ‘X’ album had swearing which the promptly eliminated after a conversation with a cab driver that told him to.

3. Sheeran will certainly burst right into the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ rap since he is one avid fan of the show.

4. Sheeran took 2 ballroom dancers top top tour and also practiced 5 hours a work practicing for ‘Thinking Outloud’.

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Sheeran together A Love Story

Sheeran stays a exorbitant life of fans, cats, and also music. His Sheerios space his heritage which the proudly contains in his life’s journey. His words space resounding reminders come what it method to be human.