Good question! Minerals type in plenty of differentways in various kinds of geologic environments. Basically, minerals kind when chemical componentsjoin with each other to kind a solid structure. Many ofthe minerals in the planet have crystallized fromsomething referred to as magma. Magma is rock that is sohot the it is liquid rather of solid. As soon as magmacools, the chemical contents join with each other tobuild minerals. The minerals sign up with together to forma rock. Various other minerals, choose halite (table salt),form when water options dry out. In a solution,sodium and also chlorine (the chemical components ofhalite) room not join together, however when thesolution is dried out, the sodium and also chlorinejoin together and crystallize halite.

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Answer 2:

Minerals can type in several ways. They canform as soon as magma crystallizes. Lock can also formdue come weathering of existing rocks, or castle canform through precipitating liquified chemicals fromwater. One other method minerals can type is duringthe process of "metamorphosis" -- when rocks ofone type gradually get transformed into anotherkind of rock. Ns hope this helps!

Answer 3:

Minerals have several different ways in whichthey can form, i m sorry relate to the different waysthat rocks can form: igneous minerals crystallizefrom molten rock, metamorphic mineral arerecrystallized from other minerals withoutmelting, and sedimentary mineral precipitate fromwater and, sometimes, native air.

Answer 4:

Minerals are made up of heavy crystals. Yet howdo this crystals form? There are three main waysit can happen.

The first way has to do through salty water (likethe water in the ocean). As soon as salty water loseswater it i do not care saltier and saltier. In ~ a certainpoint when there is more salt and also less water thethings in the salt, referred to as ions, start to linktogether to form mineral crystals. Lock linktogether just like a necklace or bracelet chain.

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The second way minerals form has to do withthings cooling down. Have you ever seen a volcano?Well I have actually not however I have seen the images ofmagma and also lava pouring out the a volcano. However whathappens when this really hot lava starts come cooldown? once the lava cools, it additionally crystallizesand develops minerals. This is actually exactly how most ofthe mineral in the center of our planet formed.The process of mineral formation during thecooling that magmas and lavas is the many importantprocess the mineral development on the Earth.

Finally, part minerals are developed by a verycomplicated mix of changes in press andtemperature. Part chemicals are very sensitive toeven little changes in temperature and also pressure.You´re organic body temperature is 98.6 levels F.When you get sick, you could get a fever and thenyou can have a body temperature the 100 degreesF. This does no feel an extremely nice however you will certainly getbetter and also be fine. Yet some things on our earth(and even some minerals) are very sensitive tochanges in temperature. So instead of just gettingsick they might fully change into anothertype the mineral! glad you are not a mineral,right!?