In this post, you will certainly learn just how to to speak ‘how room you?’ in Navajo. You’ll additionally learn usual responses for this reason you have the right to respond if you’re asked this question. This deserve to be really beneficial if you speaking through someone native the Navajo nation or if you’re travel there. 

Navajo is among the most widely talked Native American languages and is spoken primarily in the Southwestern unified States. It is spoken by the Navajo people, that are aboriginal American, and has approximately 170,000 native speakers. The claims with the largest Navajo population are Arizona and new Mexico.

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I have actually written every one of the listed below words/phrases phonetically to assist you with your pronunciation.

How come Say ‘How room You?’ In Navajo

There are a couple of different methods to questioning ‘how room you?’ in Navajo.Please note that asking ‘how room you?’ is no really a conversation starter in Navajo. As an example, you would certainly ask this if you knew someone had actually been sick recently. That not offered in the very same conversational method as we usage it in English.

How are you doing?Hait-ao nana?How are you doing?Haa la ani-te?

To begin a conversation or discover out what’s up through somebody, you deserve to use one of the adhering to instead:What’s up?Aa ha-ii?What’s the gossip?Aa ha-ii daha ni?What’s the news?Aa ha-ii baa dahane?What space you doing?Aa ha-ii baa nanina?
Another great phrase to discover is ‘hello’ in Navajo. that the perfect conversation starter.You can additionally just use words ‘Aa’ together a method to begin a conversation v someone together it literally method ‘open’ or ‘open up’.

Check the end the video clip below come hear the pronunciation of these phrases:

How come Respond to ‘How room You?’ In Navajo

There are numerous different ways that you deserve to reply come this question. Below are the most typical responses to this question. I’ve additionally included just how to speak ‘thank you’ together it’s polite to thank someone if castle ask just how you are.Thank youAheheeI’m tiredCh-ee-dee-yahI’m happyShil-ho-zhoI’m excitedShil na-ho-zhoI’m angrySha-ha-chiI’m sadDoo shil cap sii daI’m fineYa anish-tee
Check out the below video to listen the together of this phrases. It likewise includes some additional responses:

Example Conversation:

Person 1: Haa la ani-te? (How room you doing?)Person 2: Shil-ho-zho, ahehee. Haa la ani-te? (I’m happy, give thanks to you. Just how are girlfriend doing?)

Person 1: Shil na-ho-zho. (I’m excited)Thanks for reading this post. You must now know how to to speak ‘how space you?’ in Navajo and you should also be able to respond if you asked! You can’t walk wrong with these straightforward phrases. 

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