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We discovered 1 feasible solution in our database matching the ask "Candy dubbed ""The Freshmaker"""

Possible Solution

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Similar Clues
"""Stay Fresh"" candy"
"""The FreshMaker"" candy"
"""The Freshmaker"" candy"
"""The Freshmaker"" candy brand"
"""The Freshmaker"" sloganeer"
"Candy billed together ""The Freshmaker"""
Candy brand
"Candy brand well-known as ""The Freshmaker"""
"Candy dubbed ""The Freshmaker"""
"Candy known as ""The Freshmaker"""
Candy often mixed through Diet Pepsi
"Candy the calls itself ""the Freshmaker"""
"Packaged candy once supported with the slogan ""The Freshmaker"""
They do diet cola gush
Candy frequently used in scientific research fair volcanoes
Brand as soon as touted together "The Freshmaker"
"Stay Fresh" mints
"Stay Fresh!" mints
"Stay Fresh!" mints

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