The color ivory is neutral, falling what in the color spectrum in between cool shades of white and an ext yellow-based shades of cream. The calming warmth draws you in and can unify a room, allowing for a mix of varied colors.

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Another facet of the shade ivory is its picture of luxury. Cream color is associated with countless cultures as being something of tremendous value. Both elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns are made of ivory and have to be prized transparent the centuries because that prosperity, heal powers, and wealth. Of course, now we worth saving varieties rather than searching them for their ivory. Instead, we find other means to combine the clean feeling of ivory right into the home.

Ivory is compatible with any kind of color of your choice. As soon as paired v a dark color such together navy blue or black, ivory gives a bright focal suggest for the eye. Girlfriend can add depth come a room by pairing ivory with dark timber tones. Usage lighter woods for a fresher look.

Using the shade Ivory on Walls

When you repaint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls, the ceilings will feel higher. Lighter shade walls will also make the room appear larger. Vice versa, if you have actually a big room that you want to do feel cozier, opt because that darker color on the walls and also ceiling.

You deserve to see an example of the shade ivory on the wall surfaces in the picture below. White crown molding, ceiling, and also doors balance out the cream color color. The neutral shade scheme proceeds in the patterned floor rug, sofa, and chair cushions. Rich timber accents carry balance to the room top top the chairs, coffee table, ceiling fan, and even the curtain rods at the window. A touch of color, together as shown in the curtains, vase, and also accent pillows compliments the ivory walls.

Ivory is relaxing and can bring a touch the elegance come a room. It adds a warmer and also richer feel than the color white.

The color ivory functions equally well with jewel tones together it does with shades the teal or aqua. When provided with these shades of blue, friend can create a tropical look at in any type of room.

Of course, over there are numerous shades the the shade ivory, and you can see some of them in the links below:

Using ivory in a Kitchen

Ivory supplied in a kitchen gives a bright and also inviting feel. The organic light the enters v windows shows up brighter.

You can use ivory in a kitchen in numerous ways. As you watch in the photo below, shades of ivory are provided on the upper cabinets, brick backsplash, and also even the interval candles.

It is vital not come overdo it with ivory in the kitchen. You do not want the clash the neutral ~ above neutral, therefore make your appliances one of two people brushed aluminum or colored enamel. Contrasting through a darker the shade for the reduced cabinets gives a light, yet rustic feel.

Incorporating Ivory shade Accents in a Room

Most any room can benefit from a touch of cream color color. You have the right to incorporate something as an easy as a couple of accessories to a item of furniture or also throw pillows ~ above a brightly colored couch. Cream color works well through contrasting colors, furniture styles, and décor.


A nice benefit of cream color is the it seldom gets also busy once mixing textures and also patterns. An instance of the is highlighted in the photo of cream color accessories below.

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