We"ve perform the most detailed research possibile ~ above June 6, 1968, here"s what our experts uncovered out: it to be Thursday, under the authorize of Gemini (see zodiac top top June 6, 1968). The us president was Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat), the UK prime Minister to be Harold Wilson (Labour), Pope St Paul VI to be leading the Catholic Church. Famous people born top top this day include Navid Negahban and Dominique Boeuf. In that unique week of June human being in united state were listening come Mrs. Robinson through Simon and also Garfunkel. In UK Young Girl by Union Gap was in the top 5 hits. Rosemary's Baby, directed by Roman Polanski, was one of the most viewed movie exit in 1968 when The Confessions the Nat Turner by William Styron was among the finest selling book. On TV civilization were the town hall Showtime. If you liked videogames you were more than likely playing Hamurabi. But much much more happened that day: find out below..

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Memorial day - south Korea. Doomsday (weekday) Queensland Day. National holiday the Sweden. D-Day landings - Europe. Bonza Bottler job - USA. Nationwide Yo-yo job - USA.See more


WKHA TV channel 35 in Hazard, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting Don Drysdale of the Los Angeles Dodgers throw his document 58th consecutive scoreless inning, a significant league document until 1988.


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Rosemary's Baby

Release year: 1968

Directed by: roman inn Polanski

Starring: Mia Farrow, john Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer

Country: United says of America


Release year: 1968

Directed by: Richard Lester

Starring: Julie Christie, George C. Scott, Richard Chamberlain, Arthur Hill

Memories of Underdevelopment

Release year: 1968

Directed by: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

Starring: Sergio Corrieri, Daisy Granados, Eslinda Núñez, Omar Valdés

Hang 'Em High

Release year: 1968

Directed by: Ted Post

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens, pat Hingle, Ed Begley

Country: United states of America

Hang 'Em High memorabilia

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