Hello all,I am a new member the the forum. Ns don"t recognize much latin however I love it"s "directness". Ns have constantly wanted to recognize the translation of a latin conversation in the movie Tombstone. My youngsters love this movie for this reason I check out it more than ns should. That stars several famed actors and also is a an excellent "Guy" movie. Obtaining to the point, what does this need to do through latin?: over there is a scene whereby a really intoxicated Doc holiday (Val Kilmer) is being faced by one of the major "bad guys", Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn), in a saloon whereby Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) is the dealer behind a farrow table. Holiday has just said something uncomplimentary come Ringo and Wyatt Earp tries to smooth points by saying "don"t mind the he"s just drunk". Climate Holiday states under his breath as he takes a drink, "in vino veritas" and to his good surprise Ringo answers him in latin and then a quick latin conversation ensues. Obviously, very few gunslingers (or everyone else) in the "old west" spoke latin. Ns have always wanted to understand the translation of the remainder of this conversation. If anyone to know this I would certainly love to hear it. Over there is a clip wherein the scene have the right to be viewed at this internet address:http://www.flixster.com/movie/tombstone ... S-10913701The latin begins about fifty percent way v the clip. Thanks and also have a good day.--RCJThanks

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Jul 28, 2009
Re: translate latin conversation in the movie Tombstone
Here is a in-depth explanation that i took from another site: Doc : In vino veritas. Ringo : age quod agis. Doc : Credat Judaeus Apella, no ego. Ringo : Juventus stultorum magister. Doc : In pace requiescat! Doc : In wine over there is truth. Doc vacation is excusing his own actions here, and further violation Johnny Ringo by saying the he is drunk, and also saying truthful points he would otherwise no reveal. He had previously said he hated Johnny Ringo because that being comparable to himself. Ringo : carry out what you execute / clock what you do. This is among the most exciting lines due to the fact that it means more than just watch what girlfriend do. The line deserve to be understood as be careful, or civilization do what they perform (saying the Doc vacation is drunk because he is a drunkard), and also it can also mean something follow me the lines of do what you do best, which would be gunfight because Ringo had actually apparently heard the Holiday"s skill. The is a challenge and one insult merged into one. Doc : Tell it to someone else, not I. This heat is dismissive. Doc holiday is send the reality that the doesn"t care what Johnny Ringo is saying and also that that doesn"t care what his advice is. A common Latin saying an interpretation "Let the Jew Apella believe it; not I". The phrase means, roughly, tell that to who else, no me.The recommendation is taken from the work-related Satires (book one, satire five) by ancient poet Horace. The is derived from a scene wherein people try to convince visitors of miracles keep going at their shrines. The phrase is uttered come convey the disbelief and that they have to tell their story to someone else. Ringo : Youth is the teacher the fools. When Ringo taps his pistol he claims this, i m sorry conveys the idea the Doc vacation is inexperienced (youthfull) and ignorant the the peril he is getting himself into."Juventus stultorum magister" is a common Latin aphorism, or expression that has numerous implied and also implicit meanings. The sentance equates to "youth is the teacher the fools".Juventus isn"t really a latin word, castle didn"t use the letter "J" so it is yes, really Iuventus, i m sorry is in the nominative case (subject the the sentence), and it method youth or adolescence.Stultorum is a latin source of the word stultus, stulti which means fool. The "orum" finishing places the in the genative case, provided (most frequently) to display possesion. Thus of fools.Magister literally way teacher or schoolmaster. It is in the Nominative case as well.There is one implied leg verb such as "is" i beg your pardon would require the nominative situation on both sides of the verb. Thus we have: "Youth is the teacher that fools". Doc : remainder in peace! To end the conversation Doc vacation throws the ahead warning back into Ringo"s face. Doc speak him to remainder in peace, or to die, since Ringo is unaware that the hazard that Doc presents.The conversation, at first, does not seem to circulation well, however there are several covert meanings and also ideas gift passed earlier and forth. The use of this Latin phrases tote a many symbolism and definition in the means they were provided here. Now you understand what the unit volume translate, so walk watch the again, this time through the expertise of what they to speak so you can uncover the covert implications of their conversation. Also, ns don"t favor their flow or pronunciation.

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