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Talk choose a Pirate job is September 19 and we’ve obtained all the best pirate joke to get your day off to a hilarious start. These kid-friendly hoax are full of puns and also will have you laughing all day!

1. Just how much go it expense a pirate to get his ears pierced?About a buck one ear.

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2. Hit knock.

Who’s there?

Interrupting pirate.

Interrupting piryarrrrrr!

3. What"s a pirate"s favourite letter?Arrrrrrrrrr 

No, it be the C! (Sea).

—A hilarious 6-year-old reader. 

4. What is a pirate"s favorite body part?The booty!

—C.J., period 9

5. Exactly how do you conserve a dying pirate?CPArrrrrrrrr

6. What"s a pirate"s favourite fish?The Swordfish. 

7. What"s a pirate"s worst enemy? Termites.

8. What do you speak to a pirate that likes come skip school?Captain Hooky.

9. Why go it take so lengthy for pirates to find out the alphabet? Because they spend years in ~ C. 

10. Where do pirates buy your hooks? The second hand store.

11. What walk the pirate say as soon as he left his wooden leg in the freezer?Shiver me timbers!

12. What do you contact a pirate v two legs and also two eyes?A newbie. 

13. Knock knockWho"s there? Garden.Garden who?I"m garden the treasure! 

14. What has actually 6 arms, 6 legs and 6 eyes? 6 pirates. 

15. What did the ocean say to the pirate?Nothing, it just waved. 

16. What go the pirate wear on Halloween?A pumpkin patch.

17. Why couldn"t the pirates play cards? Because they were standing ~ above the deck.

18. Where"s a pirate"s favourite breakfast joint?IHOP. 

19. How much was the pirate"s treasure worth?Well, it cost him an arm and also a leg.

20. What is the pirate"s favorite store?The second-hand shop.

21. Why is pirating addictive?Once you"ve lost your very first hand, you"re hooked!

—Jokes 19-21 native Amanda

—Kate Loweth


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We believe the best memories are developed when families do fun things together. Every job is an opportunity to create new stories.
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