Being able to calculate how much fertilizer to put on to use the appropriate amount that nitrogen is important. (DTN/The gradual Farmer file photo through Jim Patrico)

Fertilizer math is reasonably straightforward, but since most growers (and also agronomists) just calculate it once or twice a year (fall and also spring), the is straightforward to forget the routine.

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That math have the right to get more confusing this season together we placed together the puzzle of purchase the most cost-effective fertilizer, hitting yield purposes while city hall expenses, and taking into account the needs of contemporary hybrids and varieties.

I was reminded of exactly how confusing that math can be in an email from a leader who stated that the reads plenty of articles about nitrogen use on corn and also finds the messaging fairly confusing: farmer (and agronomists) use various terms in different regions, and compute corn\"s nitrogen requirements quite differently relying on state recommendations and other factors. Also the method we monitor how many units that nitrogen are actually in a unit of fertilizer have the right to be complicated, depending on whether the product supplied is a solid, liquid solution, or gas.

He wrote: \"I frequently put on 35 come 40 gallons the 32% break-up applied. One -- is this sufficient for 180 bu corn? likewise is this 350/400 pounds that N as many articles (seem to) refer to or what is (the actual) pounds at this rate per acre. Or perform I go earlier to units of N (per bushel). In which case at 180 bu, i would require 60 gallons of 32% for corn ~ above corn?\"

How lot nitrogen to apply on corn? the is a complex question and there are countless approaches. Unable to do is the day as soon as we can use the old Iowa State technique of 1.2 pounds every bushel supposed yield and take a credit for soybeans (1 pound per bushel soybean yield ) if in a corn/soybean rotation. That seemed to occupational when N to be inexpensive, hybrids weren\"t efficient, many N was placed on preplant (fall) and also we didn\"t worry around losing nitrates into our watersheds and also the Gulf the Mexico.

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Today N is expensive, corn price is low, and also we can\"t permit N escape into the environment. Today\"s corn hybrids likewise are much much more nitrogen efficient, and continuous corn is common. We see prices of 0.9 to 1.0 pound per bushel and also some farmers are even pushing it come 0.7 come 0.8 lb per bushel yield goal. In basic I believe the 1 lb per bushel intended yield works rather well, however we should take the best credits and also apply that N smartly to protect it native losses. As yields go up from 200 to 250 and now also 300 bushels every acre, it takes an ext N every acre and we have to be smarter on just how we regulate that investment.