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So lot so the I had actually to literally say “I to be no longer taking questions about Marks or Stamps within the Ring“. Really, it’s nice insane!

And even though I’ve made a lengthy list the the Most well-known Stamps Here, that hasn’t slowed under the entries…

I still gain questions daily. And also I likewise see a ton that Questions concerning Stamps (or Marks) in my Google Analytics. Things like:

“ev” jewel stamp?gr noting on ring?.3 al rubber stamp in ring?m within heart arrow ring stamp?What go 8c89 typical stamped top top Jewelry?Does an together stamped ~ above a ring median anything?What walk 4862 average on the within of my ring?What does it median if a ring is marked with jc?What does at fl-e mean on the inside of a ring?

So what I’ve walk is placed together a list of Stamps that require identifying. I don’t know what these mean, therefore I’m transforming to you for help.

If you know what the true interpretations are of these markings, permit me know. Email me and I will include in the exactly meaning. That way, we all know!

I do think most of this are most likely Manufacturer’s Stamps, Logos, or Jeweler’s Initials. Hence, a the majority of these will certainly be forever unknown.

So Let’s begin…

Unidentified Stamps

If you know any of this Unidentified Stamps, email me and also let me know. Ns will update this list as the Answers roll in.

Thanks much! :)

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Carmen //June 12, 2015 in ~ 8:23 am //Reply

I can’t determine this ring i have. It’s a 9ct climbed gold rind through the marking WD within the ring and also then there’s a huge HB ~ above the front in sophisticated lettering…. Please aid ;)

My ring is beautiful..but apparently NOT genuine the next thing I checked was the inside of the band and it just has a LP through a circle roughly it..?? It’s silver- in color but no 925 or anything??

I received a gift i beg your pardon is a necklace v PAJ BR China stamped inside. I discovered out from civilization asking top top Google the PAJ is the manufacturer element Art and Jewel, and also I know the necklace is do in China. However I can’t uncover out what go BR average yet. Carry out you know? i saw many saying the they have actually BB yet not BR, and also they stated BB is the silver- tone used; is the true?

I’ve read prior to that the “A” v circle approximately it is native Avon… (so is it really an engagement ring?)

There it seems to be ~ to it is in a LOT more questions 보다 answers here– it seems ‘maker’s marks’ room as numerous as the craftspeople who made jewelry, and also apparently no authoritative directory to directory them…