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I to be assigned part old code and also when ns was reading through it, ns noticed it had these in the kind of:

float low = 1e-9;float high = 1e9;float lowB = 1e-9;float highB = 1e9;float lowL = 1e-9;float highL = 1e9;So I see that it"s make the efforts to specify some ranges using the e notation, right? but isn"t 1e-9 supposed to it is in -1e9?

Then the values would be in between -1000000000 and 1000000000, right?

I am not certain what 1e-9 is supposed for?


Neither is an ext correct 보다 the other. They just represent various values.

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1e-9 is 0.000000001; the minus sign uses to the exponent.

-1e9 is -1000000000.0; the minus sign uses to the number itself.

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The e (or E) means "times 10-to-the", therefore 1e9 is "one time ten to the nine power", and also 1e-9 means "one times ten come the an unfavorable ninth power". In mathematical clinical notation, this is typically denoted through a superscript: 1 × 10-9 or -1 × 109. Programming languages adopted the e or E notation because it was easier to type and print than a superscript (and tho is, for that matter). (I think this may have actually been introduced by Fortran in the 1950s, however I"m not certain of the precise history.)


"Low" and "high" refer to absolute values. The short number is little in pure values, the high one is large. Negatives aren"t important, due to the fact that you currently understand how to occupational with those. What"s important about floats is your variable scale (i.e. The exponent), and also so that is customary to carry out lower and upper bounds for the scale quite than the value.


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