While keying in a indigenous document, girlfriend may find some words are underlined v red wavy lines and some sentences room underlined with green squiggly lines. Some human being are confused about what the colored wavy underlines mean, and also think they space a genuine eyesore which provides the Word paper look messy so that they wonder just how to remove them. Now, on this page, ns will describe how to remove red and also green wavy underlines in word document.

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Part 1: What execute the red and green wavy underlines mean

Microsoft Word turns on order check and Grammar check by default. The red wavy underlines simply mean flagged spelling errors and the green underlines mean flagged grammar errors. However, the checking isn’t always accurate, and also that’s why you may want to remove it. In order to eliminate the red wavy underlines, just turn turn off Spell Check, and to eliminate the environment-friendly wavy underlines, you have to turn turn off Grammar Check.

Part 2: how to eliminate red and also green wavy underlines in Word

Step 1: open up the native document.

Step 2: Click File > Options.

Step 3: pick Proofing. Scroll down in the right-side pane.

1. Eliminate red and green wavy underlines from all Word documents:

Uncheck the box beside Check spelling together you type, the box next to Mark grammar errors together you type, and the box alongside Check grammar through spelling. Climate click OK. Then every the red and green wavy underlines must be gone.


Tips: by this way, red and green wavy underlines won’t show in any kind of Word papers on your computer.

2. Remove red and green wavy underlines in existing Word paper only:

Tick the checkbox next to Hide assignment errors in this paper only and the checkbox beside Hide grammar errors in this paper only, and also then click OK. Then all the red and green wavy underlines will automatically disappear.


Alternative method to eliminate red and also green wavy underlines in existing Word file only:

Step 1: Click Review > Language > Set Proofing Language on the menu bar of words document.

Step 2: pick the language you usage in words document. Tick the box next to Do not examine spelling or grammar. Then click Set together Default and click Yes as soon as prompted a dialog asking if you want to do the change. Finally, click OK to finish. Then all red and also green wavy underlines need to be gotten rid of immediately.


Tips: The 2 ways over only work for your current document. Once you open an additional different indigenous document, red and also green wavy underlines will certainly still present up when there is order error or grammar error.


1. Every the ways over to remove red and green wavy underlines just take impact on your present computer. If you placed your word paper and open it on an additional computer, the fancy lines will certainly still show due to the fact that spelling and grammar examine are turned on by default in many versions that Microsoft Word till you manually rotate them off.

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2. Generally, the fancy wavy underlines have the right to inform girlfriend of misspelled words and grammar errors. Turning off the assignment Check and Grammar inspect to eliminate red and green wavy underlines that prevents you native finding and correcting mistake in words and also sentences in time.