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Hi..My 2013 SLT without navigation always says "calibrating - drive in circles" every time I start the car. I"ve gone with the calibration steps by steering in circles, and while it says "calibration done" it constantly reverts earlier to the "drive in circles" notifaction following time I begin the car.Also, together I live in Georgia, the compass should be collection to region 9, but it always reverts to zone 8 and never saves zone 9.Any thoughts?-A

Try setup the compass region first, climate go with the calibration procedure. Monitor instructions starting on web page 5-5:

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If the manual had helped me and the compass behaved as it should I wouldn"t be here. Many thanks for nothing.

If the manual had helped me and also the compass behaved together it need to I wouldn"t be here. Many thanks for nothing.
Hey now!!! Lighten up!!! If you miss a action or don"t monitor directions exactly, you run a hazard of failure. Who in another group improvised a step in the center of programming fobs and also couldn"t get yet one fob to work correctly ~ multiple tries. As soon as the error of methods was sharp out, the initiative was successful and also all the fobs programmed together they should.If girlfriend do whatever correctly and also the compass still doesn"t work, girlfriend won"t find any advice here other than take your automobile to the dealer or come someone with the tools and knowledge to exactly the situation.

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