I have actually unplugged the module and I just dont acquire the compass feature. If that is the exactly zone then push the mode collection button til the DIC display screens calibrate compass.

What Does check Compass Module median On 2007 Ford edge 2007 Ford Edge support

They walk from i-15.

Check compass module ford edge 2007. The compass module in your 2007 Fordedge is a directionindicator. The compass module is the box behind the rear view mirror. A2 examine THE COMPASS MODE.

The Auto-Dimming interior Mirror receive voltage from the clever Junction box SJB. The module will certainly tell girlfriend which means the vehicle isfacing. Walk the overhead compass display screen turn on.

The module will certainly tell you which means the car is facing. The compass module in your 2007 Ford sheet is a direction indicator. 2007 Ford explorer Module Locations.

If You have actually a examine compass module top top the dash of her 2007 Ford leaf that method that there is a difficulty that to be detected v the compass. Examine the overhead display. The DIC will say calibrating.

these errors flash on the odometer along with a an extremely annoying beep. The 2007 Ford Edge has actually 6 troubles reported because that powertrain manage module failure. I obtained a compass locate error on mine 07 ford leaf yesterday and also the alarms to be going off even after ns shut the vehicle off and also went right into the short article officewhen i came ago i placed the key in and the car would not start.

The message facility uses directional details sent from a compass module integrated into the auto-dimming inner mirror located on the underside of the inside rear check out mirror. Restraints regulate Module Under facility console. 2007 Ford Ranger Module Locations.

normally the compass module acts up once it loser signal and it will need to be reset. This is the most common problem v the ECM from these vehicles and also it is often indicated by one or much more of the adhering to diagnostic trouble codes. 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Module Locations.

Press collection and the DIC will tell you to journey in circles. The auto-dimming interior mirror communicates the auto direction come the Instrument cluster IC with the compass interaction data add to circuit and also compass. Uncover a large empty parking lot of to carry out this.

Powertrain regulate Module PCM Edge ideal front of engine. This will certainly determine how accurate her compass will be. 2007 Ford focus Module Locations.

Passenger wait Bag Module Behind best side the dash. This happens plenty of times in succession then go not carry out it because that 10 minutes. This compass module is the faulty part causing your vehicle to think girlfriend are only traveling in the direction of Santa.

ns did get it started and the vehicle would not go into gear. Parking aid Module PAM Behind left rear quarterpanel. Ns cant imagine the it would cause a difficulty with every one of the displays.

an essential in top top position. 2007 Ford leaf Module Locations. If the fuse is OK theres a fuel pump shut turn off switch situated under the the gloves box just over the carpet.

The compass sensor module is integral come the Auto-Dimming interior Mirror. The Auto-Dimming interior Mirror receive voltage native the smart Junction crate SJB. The succession of the system check report is as follows.

Powertrain manage Module PCM MKX best front the engine. What go a compass module average 2007 Ford Edge. 2007 Ford F150 Module Locations.

If girlfriend press collection it will adjust the zones. P0351 P0352 P0353 P0354 P0355 P0356. Yes walk to A3.

2007 leaf edg Owners guide post-2002-fmt USA fus web page 100 pressing the RESET manage cycles the message facility through each of the solution being monitored. Compass Module Error. No walk to A2.

The auto-dimming internal mirror communicates the vehicle direction come the Instrument cluster IC with the compass interaction data add to circuit and compass interaction data minus circuit. 2008 Ford sheet Module Locations. Have actually attempted to re-calibrate the compass numerous times and it is great for around 30 mile of take trip then there is no warning it wake up again.

2007 Ford Taurus Module Locations. Press and release the select switch top top the overhead console. 2007 Ford fusion Module Locations.

~ above each page in our online control Modules brochure you can get in your VIN in the find box and also each module that fits your vehicle will it is in presented. Come reset it rotate the ignition move off push the button on the switch then rotate the ignition on wait a couple of seconds then revolve the ignition off. If friend still have any type of questions or involves you can call our Ford components Specialists in ~ 844-987-FORD and also well aid you discover the correct module for FREE.

2007 Ford expedition Module Locations. Other Body Related parts - Front. Glass Windows and Related Components.

You can disconnect it from the system and also see if it is causing the problem. The compass is currently calibrated. Does the overhead compass display remain on after ~ prove out.

This is situated in the rear watch mirror in the black plastic crate that is behind that up versus the glass.

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Median repair cost is 1530 in ~ 99900 miles.

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