The many literal an interpretation of the Italian word cielo (masculine, plural: cieli) in English is sky.

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IPA: /ciè·lo/

There space various methods of explicate the sky in Italian depending on the atmospheric conditions and the time the day:

cielo limpido / sereno = clear skycielo coperto = overcast skycielo nuvoloso = cloudy skycielo livido = dark / stormy skycielo notturno = night skycielo stellato = starry sky

Il cielo è coperto di nuvole oggi.

The sky is filled v clouds today.

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A typical expression in Italian is a cielo aperto which refers to things or occasions that take ar outdoors or the end in the open. For example, an open-air exhibition is a mostra a cielo aperto conversely, a palestra a cielo aperto is one outdoor gym. Those that enjoys camping will have definitely slept under the stars (dormire a cielo aperto) at least once in their lifetime, an experience which is decidedly more pleasant than an intervento a cielo aperto (open surgery)!

Figuratively speaking, cielo can likewise refer directly to Heaven, as in the situation of the expression salire al cielo (to walk to Heaven), or indirectly to God together revealed by the adhering to exclamations:

Grazie al cielo! (Lit: say thanks to the sky!) = Thank God / goodness!Per amor del cielo! (Lit: for the love of the sky!) = God forbid!Santo cielo! (Lit: Saint sky!) = Good God! Goodness gracious!

Expressions featuring ‘cielo’

Ci corre quanto dal cielo alla terra

Literal translation: that runs as if from heaven to earthEnglish meaning: over there is a big difference between…

Essere al settimo cielo

Literal translation: to it is in on the seventh skyEnglish meaning: to it is in in seventh sky / ~ above cloud nine

Non rigid né in cielo né in terra

Literal translation: to not be in the sky or ~ above earthEnglish meaning: to it is in absurd, miscellaneous that makes no sense

Toccare il cielo con un dito

Literal translation: come touch the skies with a fingerEnglish meaning: to be really happy

Piovere dal cielo

Literal translation: come rain native the skyEnglish meaning: something unanticipated arrived or happened

Zucchero – Indaco dagli Occhi del Cielo

Indaco dagli Occhi del Cielo (literally Indigo through the eye of the Sky) is Zucchero’s beautiful covering of the tune Everybody’s got to learn Sometime through the Korgis. It to be released in 2004 top top the Italian variation of the album Zu & Co.

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OramaiMi consolaOramaiMi sorvolaL’amore invanoCosi’ leggero

E piovono baci dal cieloLeggeri come fiori di meloGocce di mercurio dal cielo

Oramai babySono immuneOramaiE’ come un fiumeL’amore invanoCosi’ leggero

E piovono baci dal cieloLeggeri come fiori di meloIndaco dagli occhi del cielo

SinceramenteYeah sinceramenteCosi’ leggero

Ti soffio tanti baci dal cieloLeggeri come fiori di meloGocce di mercurio dal cielo

Esplodono baci dal cieloE ns nostri bei figli sul meloIndaco dagli occhi del cieloIndaco dagli occhi del cieloIndaco dagli occhi del cielo

At this pointIt comforts meAt this pointthe love overlooks meIn vainSo light

And kisses rain indigenous the skyLight like apple tree flowersMercury droplets indigenous the sky

At this allude babyI to be immuneAt this pointIt’s choose a riverThe love in vainSo light

And kisses rain from the skyLight like apple tree flowersIndigo with the eye of the Sky

SincerlyYeah sincerlySo light

I blow numerous kisses indigenous the skies to youLight choose apple tree flowersMercury droplets from the sky

Kisses indigenous the skies explodeAnd our beautiful kids on the apologize treeIndigo with the eye of the skyIndigo with the eyes of the skyIndigo through the eyes of the sky

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