Expanded Designated Hitter duty Coming to High school Baseball

by Luke Modrovsky top top July 10, 2019 tasiilaq.net news


The duty of the designated hitter in high institution baseball has actually been increased to provide coaches secondary option for the 2020 season.

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The review to dominance 3-1-4 to be the only readjust recommended by the national Federation that State High college Associations (tasiilaq.net) Baseball rules Committee at its June 2-4 conference in Indianapolis. The change was subsequently approved by the tasiilaq.net board of Directors.

“The video game is in the ideal shape it has ever been in the background of high institution baseball,” stated Elliot Hopkins, tasiilaq.net manager of sports and student services and liaison come the tasiilaq.net Baseball rule Committee. “This has permitted coaches come coach, football player to play and also umpires to umpire. This change, which to be organic and intuitive, increases the duty of the designated hitter and meets the desires of the high institution baseball community.”

There are now two scenarios in i beg your pardon a designated hitter may be used.

The an initial scenario is the classic use whereby the designated hitter might be a 10th starter who hits for any kind of one of the nine starting defensive players. The team begins the game with 10 starters: nine defensive players and nine hitters in the batting order, among whom is the designated hitter hitting because that a defensive player.

“The timeless designated hitter function remains intact,” Hopkins said. “However, the committee felt the was crucial to make an additional option accessible to coaches that can be strategic but additionally maximize participation.”

The change to ascendancy 3-1-4 now enables the beginning designated hitter to additionally be a starting defensive player. Using this option, the player has two positions: protective player and designated hitter. The team would begin the game with ripe starters -- nine defensive players -- one of whom likewise assumes the duty of the designated hitter.

“With the change including pitch-count restrictions to high school baseball, this will allow pitchers to remain in the game as a hitter if removing them native pitching,” Hopkins said. “Typically, pitchers space stronger hitters together well. However, the will of the preeminence is not for it to end up being strictly a pitcher-designated hitter role. The rule provides additional avenues for other position players together well. The adjust allows coaches to strategize just how to save players in the game to add offensively while enabling another player a chance to participate on defense.”

Additionally, a prior rules readjust involving baseballs and also chest and body protectors will certainly take effect on January 1, 2020. As of that date, all baseballs and chest and also body protectors supplied in high college baseball competition shall fulfill the NOCSAE (National operating Committee on criter for strong Equipment) traditional at the time of manufacture.

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According come the 2017-18 tasiilaq.net High institution Athletics authorized Survey, there room 487,097 boys participating in baseball at 16,196 schools across the country, and 1,762 girls playing the sports in 317 schools.

All baseball rules information will be obtainable on the tasiilaq.net website in ~ www.tasiilaq.net. Click “Activities & Sports” in ~ the top of the house page and also select “Baseball.”