"I choose Turtles" is a phrase very first uttered by ten-year-old Jonathan Ware throughout a local news interview in ~ the climbed Festival in Portland, Oregon. Adhering to its broadcast and the succeeding upload to YouTube in late might 2007, Jonathan"s curt response to the reporter"s lackluster concern went viral, inspiring a slew of video remixes and also memorabilia top top the web.

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On might 31st, 2007, ten-year-old Jonathan Ware was visiting the rose Festival in Portland, Oregon. Throughout his visit come the fair, Jonathan had his challenge painted come look like a Zombie and was approached by the KGW local news correspondent Nancy Francis. Once asked to comment about his face paint top top camera, Jonathan tersely responded "I choose turtles." A copy the the KGW newscast was uploaded online ten work after the transfer by YouTuber 3mediapro, who seemed to have actually recognized at an early stage that such minute of on-air awkwardness to be too an important to let on slide away.

TranscriptNancy Francis: "Back right here live at the Waterfront town with my girlfriend the zombie, Jonathon. You"re feather good, Jonathon. Jonathon just got an awesome face paint job. What carry out you think?"Jonathan: I prefer turtles!



Throughout June 2007, the clip went famous on YouTube, racking in countless views if spawning dozens the parodies and also mashup videos special Jonathan"s one-liner. Around the same time, number of t-shirts bearing the catchphrase arised on e-merchandise sites like Zazzle<1>, Snorgtees<2>, CafePress<3>, Screened<4> and Shirtstastegood.<5>

Although the boy and his family were originally unaware of the viral sensation throughout its onset, Jonathan"s sister eventually uncovered her brother"s reputation on Myspace in early July, and by August, the neighborhood news station KGW had reunited with the Wares household for a follow-up interview come hear their reaction to Jonathan"s newfound internet.

On September 15th, 2010, Jonathan appeared on an illustration of Tosh.0 as part of the "web redemption" series. He defined that ~ above the day the video clip was recorded, he had actually just checked out a tortoise exhibit before having his challenge painted, and also that was why he had turtles on his mind.

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On November 3rd, 2007, an entry for "I like turtles" to be submitted to urban Dictionary<7>, which characterized the expression as "a an answer to a boring inquiry that girlfriend don"t feel prefer answering. It may also, in rarely cases, to express one"s true love of turtles." even years ~ the video went viral, Jonathan"s heritages were recognized by the now-defunct famous media news website Urlesque<10> in that is column collection "The 100 many Iconic net Videos" in April 2009.