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Dictionary entry overview: What does great enough mean?

GOOD ENOUGH (adjective) The adjective an excellent ENOUGH has 1 sense:


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adequately good for the circumstances


Familiarity information: GOOD ENOUGH offered as one adjective is really rare.

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• great ENOUGH (adjective)



Adequately great for the circumstances

Context example:

if it"s great enough for you it"s great enough because that me


good (having desirable or positive characteristics especially those an ideal for a point specified)

Context examples

An" i won"t tell "m in French. Level United says is an excellent enough for me. Him a-ringin" in fancy starch extras!

(Martin Eden, by Jack London)

‘That’s not fairly good enough,’ answer Forbes.

(The Memoirs that Sherlock Holmes, by teacher Arthur Conan Doyle)

He not only lugged it immediately, but was good enough to look over me if I created the letter.

(David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens)

You"re not half good enough for—well, everyone the modest girl may be. And also Jo looked a little queer likewise, for a name had nearly escaped her.

(Little Women, by Louisa might Alcott)

Am not I good enough for you?

(Fairy Tales, by The brother Grimm)

But that was not fairly good enough, Mr. Holmes.

(The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

"If you"re trying to find that last couple of hot spots," Lindsay says, "rather than screening everyone, the dogs can be good enough to enter the towns to discover people."

(The Dog's sleep Knows Malaria, Kevin Enochs/VOA)

Since you space good enough to permit it, ns shall most absolutely take the upon myself come act as pioneer top top this occasion.

(The shed World, by sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

But mama did not think the match good enough because that me, otherwise Sir man would have mentioned it come the Colonel, and also we should have actually been married immediately.

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(Sense and also Sensibility, by mrs Austen)

Her friends evidently believed this good enough for her; and also it was good enough.

(Emma, by woman Austen)

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