Love bites could be sweet memories to many women and men. Some like them while some may not; but generally women do wonder why men feel like biting during an intense act of love making.

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A survey reveals that young women in their twenties enjoy to wear that badge (bites) to proudly declare that they"re in a relationship.

And yes, teeth do a play a role in intensifying the foreplay but a man who never knows how to subtly use the teeth may fail drastically as a woman needs to be handled with care.

When done perfectly, a love bite can ignite instant arousal. When done carelessly, the same can turn the woman off.

Men who know about the intricacies of using such simple things to increase heat can gain more control over the whole game of passion. A love bite at the right place and at the right time can work out wonders for the man as it an give immense pleasure to the woman and increase intimacy.

Only sensitive men can do it well as knowing a woman"s pain threshold limits is important. Knowing what pains her and what arouses her is an art to be mastered.

Also, sensing her moods is also important. When a woman is undergoing mood swings, if you try such things, you will ruin her mood more.

But why do men bite? Well, it indicates playfulness in the bedroom. Men love to bring a mood of playfulness into the act as it can make the whole session fun.

Animal instincts could be another reason why men love to bite. When the primal urge comes out, the inner animal in a man goes berserk and to intensify the pleasure, a man unconsciously could bite very carefully to indicate the flow of desire.

Some men do have the habit of leaving a memory with a mark. Women scratch men to leave a mark and men tend to bite to do the same.

Another reason is to drive a woman wild. When a man bites her in the right places, a woman might go wild and ask for more and more.

A probable reason is to buildup tension. When nothing else is working, to move things forward and bring her into mood, a man may slightly use his teeth to build up the tension and tune her into the frequency.

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Whatever it is, at the end of the day, using teeth can make or break your date and therefore, only sensitive men who can sense a woman"s moods can use this as a tool to win her in bed.

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