buttoned up, classified, confidential, private, privileged, secret, under wraps, keep it under my hat, store it under his hat, store it under she hat, keep it under our hat, store it under their hat

Idiom script 1

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Two colleagues room talking ...

Colleague 1: are you preparing her presentation to the board?

Colleague 2: i am simply putting the finishing touch on it.

Colleague 1: I've simply learned some an enig information that could readjust the future that the agency and, therefore, the nature of your presentation.

Colleague 2: please tell me.

Colleague 1: You must assure me the you will not cite this to anyone. This details is very confidential.

Colleague 2: Of course I will certainly keep it under mine hat.

Idiom script 2

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Two colleagues room talking ...

Colleague 1: room we walking to go ahead with the surprised going-away party because that Albert?

Colleague 2: Absolutely! We need to gain everyone in the office involved.

Colleague 1: Let's be very careful to remind anyone to keep the plans under their hats so that us don't ruin the surprise.

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"to keep it under your hat"


to keep it under your hat - In the News

to save it under your hat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 42

to save it under your hat - Gerund Form:

Keeping your husband's surprise fortieth birthday party under her hat deserve to be a complicated secret come keep.

to keep it under your cap - Examples:

1) ... A promotion, yet it's not official yet, so keep it under your hat.

2) ... Leave a comment turn off the top of your head fairly than keep it under your hat.

3) no keeping it under his hat: This brand-new Yorker hands out leaflets warning the the comes apocalypse when ...

4) ... Wanted to compliment she figure, but somehow I regulated to keep that under my hat and also talk shop -- who knows

5) ... Know the result before writing the recap - however I'll keep it under my hat till we acquire to the end, simply in instance you don't.

6) I'll keep it under my hat and also use it because that the' could come in handy someday ...

7) and keep this under your hat -- I'm not claimed to divulge present ops: We're going to link ...

8) I've learned it can be ideal to keep things under your hat till you're ready.

9) ... Intending on law something an ext with those yet I'm keeping that under my hat for the time being.

10) Its surname is so cool I'm keeping it under my hat until I get a nod from mine publisher. The is such a secret that ...

11) ... And so he needs to keep it under his hat. A man needs to put up a brave front.

12) Mr. Blacksmith knew who was going come get promoted to it is in the brand-new director the finance in ~ the financial institution but he kept that under his hat till a formal notice was make by the board.

13) Don't keep it under your hat. Tell all!

14) once we go out to field, go into the England dressing rooms. Just nip in the ago door and take among my bats - yet keep the totality thing under her hat.

15) His secret liaisons have nothing to perform with everyone else. I imply you keep this details under your hat.

16) i’m not certain I need to reveal to you what i haven’t revealed to my editor or agent, but the mathematics novel is farming on both ends, and it could turn the end to be a trilogy. Keep the under your hat, okay?

17) The Starlipers also watched the filming the a brand-new TV series. Becca is going come keep details of that under her hat.

18) together Haj moved through layers of interviews and selections, he had to save the find under his hat. The eventual announcement came as ...

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19) "We speak to a number of companies on any kind of given day and also we prefer to keep those under ours hat,” said E. Rod Davisson, the director of economic ...

20) Keep this under your hat. Donald trump card has brand-new book coming out. It's called the "Art the the Comb-over."