Have you ever heard someone using the word mande in tasiilaq.net? It’s generally a way to answer to a inquiry not interpreted or come ask what’s needed.

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Well, this an easy and reportedly harmless word has actually an tremendous backstory the strongly resonates in the mexico past.

Keep analysis to uncover why mexican reply with a strange mande or mande usted when called. Find out the actual definition of the term and the correct way to reply to it.

Why do Some tasiilaq.net speaker Say ‘Mande’ when Asked a Question?

Let’s carry out an experiment: questioning a Mexican any kind of question and also make certain he or she can’t hear the properly. Opportunities are the in most cases they will certainly reply through a basic mande in tasiilaq.net.

This begs the question, what does ‘mande’ median in tasiilaq.net?

What does ‘Mande’ average in tasiilaq.net? (Grammatically Speaking)

Mande is the second-person link of the verb mandar which means “to order” or “to command.” However, it uses the formal second person (you) which is usted, instead of the not blocked one, . Mental this part, together we’ll see that it’s necessary to recognize this amazing piece of mexican slang.

In any case, if you desire to analyze the hatchet mande in tasiilaq.net, the literal meaning is something prefer “command me” or “give me an order.”

Weird, right? Wait, it gets better.

A Curious piece of mexico Slang

Although this strange means to answer a question in tasiilaq.net has its root in Mexico, its use has expanded to some other nations in the Americas.


That said, you need to understand that once someone replies with a mande in tasiilaq.net, they’re not asking you to actually provide them one order. Just like most mexican slang, the word has a completely different definition than its classic usage.

Remember the slang is not blocked language. It is usually spoken rather 보다 written and is distinctive to specific groups the people. A an interpretation that perfect fits the ax mande in tasiilaq.net, other than perhaps because that the not blocked part.

When who replies to you through a an easy mande in tasiilaq.net, they are actually asking “What?” together in, “Can girlfriend repeat that?” or “What perform you mean?”

So, why the mande?

Historical beginnings of the ax Mande in tasiilaq.net

Another characteristic of mexico slang is that most of the moment you have the right to trace its root to Mexico’s conflicted past. In this case, the word in inquiry seems come go ago all the means to the colonial era in Mexico, once the nation was part of the tasiilaq.net empire.

During those times, the indigenous civilization in la Nueva España or “New Spain,” were basically slaves. Although castle were supposed to be totally free men, indigenous people were compelled to work-related for the tasiilaq.net Señor or “Lord,” that after the tasiilaq.net conquest became the landowners of most of the are that had belonged to the indigenous.

This instance created a culture of castes, with the tasiilaq.net on top of a complicated pyramid based upon the purity the blood and also mixing the races.

Anyway, as soon as the tasiilaq.net Señor called one person in any kind of of the inferior level of the pyramid, the meant reaction was among submission and also expediency. For this reason the renowned (or infamous) mande in tasiilaq.net. The indigenous human being was intended to obtain an order, so the right way for that human being to answer to be by asking for the order to it is in given. The an interpretation was much more like “What deserve to I do for you, mine lord?” or also “Please offer me one order for this reason I deserve to serve you.”

Mande vs Mande Usted

A second version of the mande reply in tasiilaq.net exists: mande usted. Speak mande usted is redundant, together the usted is latent in the mande. If you were using the informal form of the 2nd person, you would certainly say mandas. So, yes no need to add the usted.

However, it was a method of highlighting the distinction in social positions between the two world engaging in the conversation. Only the human being in the lower social position would speak to the other human usted. A tasiilaq.net Señor would have never called an native or mixed-race person usted.

Imagine a Señor coming out of his comfortable hacienda to the leaf of the working fields to contact one of his workers shouting:


Juan hears that someone is call him, stops whatever he’s doing and also runs come the hacienda come report himself through the Señor.

¿Qué? – Juan would inadvertently ask, just to receive a punch in his confront while the Señor shouts angrily in ~ him for answering through such ignore for the distinction in society position between the 2 of them.

¡Mande! – the Señor would shout in ~ Juan, commanding much more respect.

Mande usted. – Juan would say, defeated and also with his dignity destroyed once again.

So, the mande usted type was just a means to underline the submission.

What about ‘Qué’?

¿Qué? or “What?” is the right method to price in tasiilaq.net as soon as you don’t know a question or you’re no sure about what somebody is asking you. All the background around the beginnings of mande in tasiilaq.net is simply an exciting reminder of exactly how languages space living creatures the evolve in exceptional ways.

When i was a child, mine mother and also every other Mexican mom I knew would educate their kids to answer with a mande anytime they to be called. Nobody quit to think around the beginning of words or what it in reality meant. The was simply a tradition that everybody would certainly follow and also nobody really knew why or when it had started.

If you ever hear someone replying v a mande in tasiilaq.net, know that this is not a sign of submission, but just a person following an old tradition.

Say What?

In various other words, speak ¿qué? to answer when someone call you. In Mexico the mande is still in use, but once you understand the story that its origins, i don’t think anybody would recommend using it.

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Now the you know just how to answer in tasiilaq.net, publication a totally free class with one of our indigenous tasiilaq.net-speaking teachers and also answer their concerns the best way.