This is the location of a tune I observed on youtube however I\"m a tiny confused around the \"tú\" in ~ the end. Ns would read this together \"you favor me\" yet it is tho confusing to me. Me gustas would certainly be you favor me (I think jajajaj) but the \"tú\" confuses me. It seems to be just hanging on in ~ the end. When I make the efforts to use the translators I got both \"you like me\" and also \"I like you\". Would someone be kind sufficient to clarify and also explain this to me? Estoy RE CONFUNDIDA!


Me Gustas Tú

Many English beginners choose to look in ~ gustar=is satisfaction to.

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Gustar forms intransitive sentence v the indirect object being the subject in the identical English transitive sentence. The subject often follows the verb, however does not have actually to.

Tú me gustas is just as correct. (as is simply Me gustas)

You space pleasing to me. In English we would state that as I like you. (the Spanish indirect object \"me\" becomes the subject (I) that the English transitive sentence.

That song is amazing!

Alexis y Fido - Me Gustas Tú

Chequeala canción aqui

To add my two cents of the noticeable stated through qfreed... In the tune he\"s informing the girl the likes her and also nobody else as well as her. From there he proceeds to refer his thoughts and affection.


Thank you!! seems you've unlocked an additional key definition for me. I evaluate it :D - Debbie-Clee, FEB 17, 2011

\"¿Me gustas?\" y \"¿Me gustas tú?\" space similar.In your instance where \"tú\" is put in the end of the phrase, could be simply to complement the lyrics of the song. Also, translators normally can\"t assist when your input is much more than a an easy word or phrase.

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and they room especially negative at taking care of subject pronouns, possessive adjectives, etc.) - 0074b507, FEB 17, 2011
Too really! :) they are likewise often madness incorrect v verb tenses, however they provide you a jumping off suggest so that you deserve to return to exactly what to be wrong prior to you commit it come writing.:D - Debbie-Clee, FEB 17, 2011
It seems that the verb endings are the things that confused me. $) more lessons in verbs needed! Thanks!! - Debbie-Clee, FEB 17, 2011

There\"s a great youtube video clip posted by Hannalee17 that this track . It\"s a version by Manu Chao (with lyrics) and good photos illustrating all of the an essential words of the song!

This is the one I uncovered on YT! every the native are very easy (even the bit of french) except the title and also primary phrase that repeats. That's what stumped me ...who likes who LOL - Debbie-Clee, FEB 17, 2011 is the world's most well-known Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.