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HIt a substantial pot feet on my means home from job-related last night. Radio stopped working immediately. Dash lamp still work yet when the doors are open the interior lights don"t work now. Odometer flicker no fuse? 10amp accessibility fuse blown and blows instantly as soon as you try yo placed a new one in. Anybody ever had this? any type of direction to start trying to find the short? Thanks

Check battery relations for loose or corroded terminals. The check relays to make certain they"re seated properly, same with fuses. Good luck.
JohnThe wolf is not involved with the opinion of sheep. MY BUILD: :

Yea those room all fine. It"s in that accessory circuit. Open quick somewhere. Has to be what behind the dash in thinking? Hoping someone else had actually a similar problem.

It"s among the fuses in the PDB under the hood. I forget which one. Type no fuse in the search. That"s exactly how I uncovered the fuse as soon as I shorted a courtesy irradiate doing some work

That must be fuse #17, the Ignition Off draw (IOD) fuse. That feeds the underhood light, dome light, courtesy lights, radio and also instrument cluster. Eliminate every one of the fill on#17 and include them ago one-by-one. Unplug the underhood light, rotate off the radio, and also close the doors. Through the ignition OFF, replace fuse #17. View if the blows immediately. If not, open the door. Quiet OK? start the engine. Still OK? turn on the radio. If you have anything connected to the OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) port, remove it first.The reason for the NO FUSE message is due to the fact that the factory ships the Jeep v that fuse pulled to protect against battery drain. It"s a reminder to placed the fuse in.
FWIW did similar thing a few years back when adding sound bar or heated seats (IDK which one)...and yes one of the wires to be bare and also shorting to the tub. Hate to say it however probably very same thing. If radio is not stock i would inspect there first....GOOD LUCK!!
Checked every radio connections. All great back there. Fuse blows immediately with no crucial in ignition. Looks favor I have actually a lengthy weekend of wire tracing ahead. Ugh.
Might it is in a small obvious....and no insurance this reasonable is correct...and in irradiate of nothing wrong through radio and it together my very first suggestion...really renders me dumb........but anyway.Since fuse blows as quickly as that is inserted, with or there is no Key, the leads me to think that the is a circuit the is always "live" given the list previously in this thread the doesn"t leave too plenty of to check. Dome lights, under hood light.I assumed I had actually received a FSM from another Forum member yet I am can not to uncover it on the computer at this might be able to search for it under object searches. It has actually the wiring diagram in it.
Free virtual fsm here and great luck
The dome, courtesy, and also instrument/radio lights are fed through a pink/white wire from the pdc. That goes native the pdc in the harness about the back side that the battery, climate there is a splice turn off for the under hood light. Over there is a black connector at the left absent panel the the pink/white passes through. I would certainly disconnect there and see if the still blows the fuse. If not, the worry is inside. If so, the concern is most most likely under the hood. We resolved one newly where a new battery had been satellite on optimal of the wiring harness and broke the pink/white.
Under hood irradiate is gone. Simply the connector remains. Previous owner must have removed it. Wiring looks fine to the point. Headed home to destruction a small deeper.

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The instrument swarm lights space on a different circuit, however the gauges themselves gain B+ voltage from the same circuit together the dome lights. Carry out the gauges work?
Now I"m just confused. Unplugged both radio harness. Set up fuse, didn"t blow. Plugged both harnesses earlier in, didn"t blow. Whatever works again. Wth?
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