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FAQs & TUTORIAL:(to carry out conmessage, hopefully helping readers more easily understand also the Q&A"s)The just noting on gold rings which is pretty a lot global is the "K" or "KT" karat note. 100% pure gold is 24 karat, and also a karat note represents how many parts out of 24 are pure gold. Thus 18K is 18/24"s or 75% pure, 12K is 12/24"s or 50% pure gold, and so on.

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February 12, 2021


Jeff chandler- LINCOLNTON North Carolina^April 9, 2021


Emmett Alden Presley - Jonesboro, Arkansas^
April 2021A. Hi Jeff, hi Emmett. We"re extremely happy to article your questions, however we reportedly must repetitively repeat that this is a public forum, not a consultancy. No one is standing by to sell answers, and also tright here are already thousands of questions about marqueens on rings but only a couple of dozen scattered answers & pieces of guidance on how/where to find information.So if you desire to review the answers that are currently here and watch what you deserve to learn from them, or if you want to try addressing another poster on a one enthusiast to an additional basis and also see if you have the right to engage them in a dialog, you can acquire somepoint going! But if world just pop in to drop off a question, odds are extremely high that they"ll just end up being unanswered question no. 500 & unanswered question no. 501. Sorry :-(Luck & Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E. RETAloha -- an concept worth spreadingtasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
May 16, 2021

Q. I got a ring via a stamp on the inside that says: "10K (has a star alongside it) HDO". Along the various other side of the band also on the inside too, it has actually the word "master". I am Wondering what this means? I have tried browsing it and also looking up the stamp, yet cannot discover anypoint around it. Please help!

Carlye Kiedrowski- Woodbridge Virginia ^
May 2021A. Hi Carlye. 10K stands for 10K gold, which is 10/24 pure gold and also 14/24 various other metals favor copper and silver. If you received the ring from your grandmommy, it"s 10K gold; if you received it mail-order from China it can be 10K gold or it might just be facetious maremperors. Buy priceless metals just from a perboy or keep you trust :-) As for the star, "HDO", and also "master", yes, there are so many kind of 10s of thousands of basic maremperors that it may well be hopeless.Luck & Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E. RETAloha -- an idea worth spreadingtasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
July 6, 2021

Q. My mommy provided me an old silver alexandrite ring and also it has E6 stamped inside the band also. What does E6 mean? Tbelow are no other marqueens inside the ring. I think it is sterling silver.

Amy Bruce - Dixon, Kentucky^
July 2021A. Welcome Amy. Welcome no. 503 :-)Luck & Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E. RETAloha -- an principle worth spreadingtasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
July 7, 2021

Q. Square box with a slash though it diagonal from optimal appropriate edge to the bottom left edge after 10 k on a ring what does it mean?

Steve dickson- Lawrenceburg Tennessee^
July 2021A. Welcome no. 504, I wish here was somepoint we might execute for you however tright here probably isn"t. Sorry. Luck & Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E. RETAloha -- an principle worth spreadingtasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
August 31, 2021

Q. I purchased a white gold ring through marqueens FR 14KT on one side and also Nasetup, I think on the other. I figure Nasetup is the maker, yet uncover nopoint on this, but vintage ring probably. Thought perhaps you could be able to assist. Thank you in advance! I broke a prong on among the exterior corners and also I"m going to take it for repair. But, should I discover another from the same time structure to attempt and also match the stones?

Candice Gateleynone - Oklahoma city, Oklahoma ^

Closely connected historic postings, oldest first:

2004Q. I have actually an old solitaire gold ring. Inside tbelow is no hallnote, but I think it has actually been made smaller (I have lost many of the hallmarks on my rings by making them smaller.) Tbelow is a noting inside it claims MCIAPLAT 436. What does that mean? I assume its gold plate?Helen P - England^

"World Hallmarks Vol. 1"by Whetstone, Niklewicz, & Matulafrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)
A. Hi Helen. I"m no experienced on this, but my guess is that the "PLAT" suggests the ring is platinum, and the 436 more than likely means that the solitaire is (or originally was) .436 carats.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^

10k kfy

2004Q. I was offered a white gold ring for Christmas. The band is solid white and also has two gold bars on each side of the cluster of diamonds. I looked inside of the ring and also it has actually 10k kfy stamped inside. What does the kfy stand also for? This was marketed as a white gold ring and also not a plated ring. Does the kfy stand also for some type of plate, on the ring?Jeneen M - Martinsville, Virginia, USA ^
"World Hallmarks Vol. 2"by Whetrock, Niklewicz, & Matulafrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)
A. Hi Jeneen. Sounds to me favor a 10 kt gold ring, with the remainder being maker or designer marks, or probably even an engraving of the owner"s initials.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
"Hallmarks and also Date Letters on Silver, Gold and also Platinum"by Eric Brutonfrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)

No karat marks at all

2004Q. My husband simply bought me a white gold diamond ring. I obtained a certificate stating it is a 14k white gold ring, however inside the ring it doesn"t state that; actually it does not have a stamp inside at all. Can a ring without a stamp in it be 14k white gold? And will it pose a problem later on for my daughter when she inherits it? How important is a stamp in a ring? Thank you -- a quick response is much appreciated.Sincecount,Myrna M - Newark, New Jersey^

maria blickos- washington twp, New Jersey^

"Jackson"s Hallmarks"English, Scottish, IrishSilver & Gold Marksby Ian Pickfordfrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)
August 19, 2012

Well, it"s not going to assist the jewelers that you told us, Maria :-)I"ve never believed of that, yet it can be a worthwhile amount of gold or platinum if a ring is sevedepend downsized.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
"Hallmarks of the Southwest"by Barton Wrightfrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)

Meaning of Marking "P14K"

2004Q. I have actually newly purchased a ring from the "fine jewelry" respond to of a local save, and have realized my ignorance of the noting mechanism for rings. I wanted a silver-colored ring via a blue stone, and have actually been informed by the sales civilization that white gold is the method to go. The ring I purchased is white gold via the mark "P14K" inside. What does this note mean? Is it gold plated silver or merely rhodium plated white gold or somepoint else? Thank you!Marguerite H consumer - Carmel, Indiana^
2004A. "P" is the maker"s mark and 14K is gold content = 58.5% gold.
Neil BellRed Sky Plating
Albuquerque, New Mexico
^2006Q. I freshly bought a Garnet & Diamond Ring from a friend and noted on the band also reads P14K.....she sassist it was bought at J.C. Penny ... Does the P stand also for the store"s identification of is it Plated? Please let me understand. The second ring is a Heart Ring through about 25 little diamonds set in the heart ... It is noted 10K and 5DX8 or 5DXB ... What does this stand also for? Will wait to hear from you ... Thanks for your attention.Evelyn H - Anchorage, Alaska^
January 12, 2010A. P stamped in a ring through a 10K or 14K suggests it is a HIGH QUALITY GOLD called "Plumb" You need to be a registered certified goldsmith to use this form of GOLD. The gold is certified PLUMB HIGH VALUE QUALITY. Tbelow...have a nice evening.Sing Mia- Pittsburgh Pennsylvania^
"Gold & Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide"by Renée Newmanfrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)
January 2010A. Thanks, Sing! With your aid I now watch that in the old days the jewelers petitioned the federal government for a little leeway on the karat issue because of such difficulties as founding with a 14 kt ring and then having actually to perform some soldering through a lower karat solder and also tasiilaq.net up with slightly less than 14 kt on the new in its entirety weight of the ring. Which left them via a quandary. Apparently their repursuit for some small leeway was honored, and a ring noted 14 kt could actually be slightly less than 14 kt. But "plumb" suggests it"s at least 14 kt in last form, consisting of solder, resizing, or anything else.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^

Meaning of noting "A/C"

2007Q. What does it expect as soon as something is stamped with A/C on it? is it white gold?Roberta Jolivetstudent - Florida^February 6, 2017A. Answer to; Roberta Jolivet student - Florida 2007 Question regarding: "What does it expect once somepoint is stamped through A/C on it? is it white gold?" The A/C is the Maker"s Mark for - Adbattle Casting CompanyRegards,

Brian KingNorthbridge Precious Metals Exadjust - Palm Coast, Florida USA^

Meaning of "FAS"

2007Q. I have a ring that is stamped either fa9 or fas what does this mean? I want to understand what fa9 or fas indicates , I have actually a ring with this stamped on the inside?Jeana Ann C - Denver, Colorado^
March 19, 2008A. FAS 925 is Sterling silverJamie Silvia- Branchville, New Jersey^

Meaning of ... "with an Arrow Through It?"

December 19, 2011

Q. I have an old ring that I"m not sure where I got it from yet all it states on the inside of the band also is an 8 and also a 0 w/ an arrow with it. ( the arrow is only via the 0) I have no idea if this ring is even worth somepoint let alone what that means.

Nicole Gage- Portage, Wisconsin, USA^March 20, 2012

Q. I have actually a ring white gold? Double heart via diamonds, mark in 14K "W" arrowhead approximately the right "S". Does this mean anything?

Elaine Rusnak- Scranton, Pennsylvania^
March 2012A. Hi Elaine.The "14K" absolutely means 14 karat gold. The rest is maker"s marks / hallmarks that I"m not familiar with.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
October 26, 2012

Q. I newly inherited a lot of jewelry that my grandmommy had. Some (if not most) seem to be from HSN or QVC yet I uncovered one that is a gorgeous leopard ring with babsence and also onyx gems on it via bappropriate green (emerald) eyes. I deserve to take a photo of it if you"d prefer. However, it has actually an "H" through an arrowhead through it and also I can not seem to uncover all over that states what this jeweler note is. Do you know? Are there other resources online? There is a ton of it - enough that I"m opening up my own small jewelry boutique with the inventory. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.

Aleena Felts- King, North Carolina, USA^May 29, 2013

Q. I have actually a diamond gold ring; inside the ring is the number 9 and an arrow through the capital letter "U" in the middle of the arrowhead. What does that mean and what can you tell me about the ring. thank youRichard

RICHARD J MALINOWSKI- CONCORD, New Hampshire^July 2, 2014




May 6, 2008Q. I received a ring from my mother the engrave 14k PAT on the inside what does that mean?leslie bielavme- lansford, Pennsylvania^
A. Hi, Leslie. I"d be pretty confident that "PAT" is ssuggest an abbreviation for "patented", and that it implies they case a design pattern on the look of the ring.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
November 30, 2009Q. Tright here are marmonarchs on my engagement ring, some of which I"m uncertain of what they intend. The first is "14K", which I assume is 14K gold. Following that marking, tbelow shows up to be a "10" or it might be a "40" stamped on it. What does that intend. The last marking is "1.00R", which I would prefer to recognize what it indicates. Thanks......Kelly McCartneybuyer - Hammond, Louisiana^September 8, 2010

Q. What is my army Ranger ring made of? Inside the ring it states BALFOURBPS PATPEND and also has actually a "c" through a circle about it

Nicole Graver- Belfair, Washington^
December 11, 2010

Q. Hi, I bought a pearl and also gold pendant. It states 14k cp. I was wondering what the cp stands for? Thanks, Patsy

patsy enriquezmedical expert coder - san pedro, California, USA^
A. Hi, Patsy. I"m pretty sure that the "CP" indicates cultured pearl. Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
February 25, 2011

Q. Hi There, I have inherited an old ring from the 1920s. Inside the band it has actually 18K in a bigger font and also then 14K in a smaller sized font appropriate beside, and then it has an engraving of a diamond and also one more little bit engraving of a swirl pattern. Does anyone have actually any ideas what these marmajesties mean?Thanks!

Kate Voyce- Vancover, British Columbia, Canada^

The Meaning of "cTo"

March 15, 2011

Q. KOCH Anniversary Ring: I have actually a gold marked 10kt, and a note "cTo" beside it. Can you tell me what the "cTo" stands for?

Harold BoerstlerInterested Son In Law - Amarillo, Texas, USA^
April 2011A. Hi, Harold. That"s the tradenote for O.C. Tanner Jewelry Co. Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^January 28, 2012

Q. I check out that you answered the noting question re: cto previously up. but I have a bangle that claims made in jamaica WI (WI stands for West Indies with the letters CTO in caps, Sterling after that. I do not think this it the OC tanner agency as it is not made in the US. I have looked online to no avail.Any info great appreciated. I did find an object on ebay no summary but it was dubbed vintage.

Lynn Rogers- Newport, Rhode Island^March 21, 2014

Q. I am looking at a offered ring (band) that has "OC14K" inside the band. Does this "OC" stand also for the O.C. Tanner Company? Thanks.

jim underwood- draper, Virginia USA^
March 2014A. Hi Jim. With a photo, it can be possible to compare against some O.C. Tanner trademarks and also take an educated guess; yet without a photo, just two letters, and also via 10s of countless devices, and hundreds of thousands of maker marks, it"s hopeless to guess. All we deserve to say is odds are more than likely versus because tright here are so many type of various other equipments :-)Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^


April 4, 2011

Q. Okay this was weird however 2 days back I came throughout and also old ring in a box of items I was gaining prepared to toss. We were having a yard sale and also as soon as going with package in question I uncovered a gold and topaz (I think) ring. I favored it cleaned it up and also put it on. Later at the yard sale a pair males that go everywhere the nation trying to find antiques and also points stopped right into our sale. They bought several of my items however when they noticed my ring they REALLY wanted it. I do not know if it"s even worth a penny I simply prefer it bereason it"s pretty. But their visit got me wondering even more around it. Here"s the description and also any kind of aid offering would be great appreciated. It"s a size nine ring 10K gold through eagles on both sides. It"s not it does not look "manly" enough to be a mens ring so I thinks it for a lady. Inside it"s noted with a serial type number, the 10K mark and also then the letters MEK. Can anybody tell me what MEK implies, I haven"t been able to find it almost everywhere. Thank you in advancement for any aid offered.

Becca Smithjust about anypoint - Eureka Kansas USA^

"American Jewelry Manufacturers"by Dorothy T. Rainwaterfrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)
April 21, 2013A. Hi Becca, I had a query comparable to yours on a diamond ring I have. it has the 10k VIR on it. I uncovered that this is Virginian gold mined from Virginia (duh) probably yours is 10k MEK, which might describe (this right from Google)"Metals Creek Reresources Corp. - Homewww.metalscreek.com/Metals Creek Reresources Corp. (the "Corporation", TSX-V:MEK), is a Canadian TSX endeavor exchange provided firm included under the legislations of the ...News - Contact - Ogden TWP - Corporate TeamMEK.V: Outline for METALS CREEK RESOURCES CORP ...Perhaps a little more digging can be done.

Gem Caldwell- Brisbane Qld Australia^April 22, 2013A. Hi Gem. Anypoint is more than likely feasible, however what would certainly lead us to believe that this digging agency renders rings?Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
May 16, 2011

Q. I have a wedding band also purchased in 1965. Inside band also tright here are markings: what looks favor a funding p dash c . (p-c) an emblem of a pear through a p inside. and also 14k. Any idea what these mean?

Larry Creasy- Maryland Heights, Missouri^May 18, 2011

Q. The 4 marks on my ring are a follows:GA OZ 375Any ideas?

Diane Royhobbyist - Winfield, BC, Canada^

"Jewelry Identification and Price Guide"by Warmanfrom Abe Booksor(affil. link)
November 17, 2011Q. Hi, I want to recognize what "14 K MO" note inside a ring indicates.Is MO mark around moissanite rather of diamonds? It is a white gold ring with bit diamonds.Thanks in advance

Dan Garz- Columbus, Ohio^December 5, 2011

Q. Hi - I purchased a ring that I was told was 14k. The marking on the inside of the band says 14k PAT FL-8. After analysis some of your answers - I"m wondering if PAT indicates Patented, yet not sure what the FL-8 would mean. Is it plated? Thanks! Tina

Tina Davidson- Morristvery own, New Jersey, USA^

Meaning of "THE LE"

December 13, 2011

Q. 18k PLAT on one side and also THE LE on the other together with a star or diamond shape appropriate after LE. Trying to uncover out what these marqueens suppose. Please advise.

Arthur Muellr- Las Vegas, Nevada^October 8, 2012

Q. HiI have a ring that has no hallnote, yet does have "THE LE" on the inside! What does this suppose I can not uncover anypoint on it!

Damon spink- England^
June 13, 2017

A. Answer to "THE LE" via a diamondThe diamond is an "O" so it means THE LEO diamonds.

Micky Altmann- Westtimber, New Jersey, usa^
February 6, 2012

Q. I purchased an extremely pretty ring with a big rock in center and many type of little bit stones around it, the just noting on it is S A, and I have the right to not discover what that suggests, I would certainly appreciate any kind of help on this. I have actually no idea what kind of metal it is.

Laurie Herting- Bethel, Minnesota, USA^February 9, 2012

Q. My ring is opal and also diamond. It is white gold I think. What perform the numbers inside p via smaller sized 6 or probably a t beside 900 mean? then across from that on inside of ring it has 292-034 what does this mean?

Mike Davis- Michigan^February 21, 2012

Q. I was newly proposed to! My fiance gave me his mom"s ring around which we understand nopoint (she passed away as soon as he was really young). I have actually been wondering what form of ring it was, and so on It appears to be a gold band through a diamond in the shape of a heart. Inside the ring it reads "50" and also "B2". What execute these marqueens mean??THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ANSWERS :).

Kristy Green- United States^February 27, 2012

Q. I freshly was given a few rings that belonged to my good grandmother. One is a fairly thick band also through 14K and also and also R engraved inside a shield. I understand this to be the machines mark. The other ring is a beautiful white gold diamond ring, engraved with 14K and a noting that looks favor either a cursive K or a backwards capital "D" and "K" mashed together. Does anyone know these markings? Thanks for your help!

Mimi S- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania^February 29, 2012

Q. My mother-in-law provided me her wedding ring prior to she passed away. It"s a distinct ring. Very wide band also through one big square diamond in the middle and also on the side, at a angle is three diamonds. Inside it has the letters:14K and LIT. This ring is around 52 years old and also I have actually been trying to discover out what the LIT represents. I understand many kind of jewelers marked their rings via initials. Can you tell me what these initials stand for. Thank you

Wanda Arent- Lebanon, Ohio^
March 14, 2012

A. Ladies and gentlemen here is a web deal with via a list of symbol meanings on it: http://www.jewelry-keys.com/Blog/marks-stamped-inside-rings/

Jaci Elrod- Fyffe, Alabama^
March 15, 2012

Q. I discovered a ring via the imprint of C25 on it what does that stand also for?

Shanna Green- Taylorsville, Utah, USA^March 16, 2012

Q. Hello: I have actually a wedding ring that appears to be gold/platinum via a row of (V"s etched all about the top side. Inside the ring absolutely appears to be gold via a couple of scrapes but nothing significant. The ring is some what heavy. Strangely tbelow is No stamp inside any wbelow. I"ve had actually this ring for a lengthy time and also never turned my finger green or black. I"ve additionally taken it to be tested at a pawn shop and also was told that it did not pass the gold test yet might be bereason it might be platinum and would certainly be worth more than gold. Also did the makeup/foundation test and noticed a greyish/babsence marking when done. Can ANYONE tell me what kind of band I may possibly have. Thanks and also sorry for the long write-up.Gail

Gail Douglas- Toronto, Ontario, Canada^March 21, 2012

Q. The inside of my engagement ring is stamped 1TW 10KT Q (on one side of the setting) and 4 on the various other side. Can someone kindly tell me what these initials stand for please and also give thanks to you.tb

T Bolling- Gaithersburg, Maryland^March 23, 2012

Q. I bought a provided ring, it is a square shaped garnet and also it does look prefer real gold but once I checked out look for the # of K"s on tright here tbelow was none however a number 925. Is this ring real? Or is it not :( Thank-you in advance.

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Karen Galligos- Powell River BC Canada ^
March 23, 2012A. Hi Karen. "925" usually suggests 92.5% pure silver -- the exact same as "Sterling". So it sounds prefer a gold plated sterling silver ring.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
April 2, 2012

Q. Have you heard of STAN D STERLING? I just purchased a Malachite ring through "STAN D STERLING" stamped on the ago.

Jen Bernardino- New Bedford, Massachusetts USA^April 16, 2012

Q. I have actually a past, present, future diamond pendant which has maremperors of 8KCP on it. Could you tell me what this means?

Kathy Mancuso- Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA^April 25, 2012

Q. I newly obtained a white gold ring via a purple stone through a stamp on the inside 10KT. Can you tell me if it is plated or solid? Trying to number out what this ring really is. Thanks Crystal

Crystal Jackson- Missouri^
April 25, 2012A. Hi Crystal.10KT implies it"s solid, and 10/24"s pure gold.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohatasiilaq.net - Pine Beach, New Jersey^
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