The renewing grace of God alone prepares the heart for every an excellent work. This teaches us that we are not sufficient of ourselves come think or speak any thing wise and also good.

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Commentary ~ above Proverbs 16:2

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Ignorance, pride, and self-flattery render united state partial judges respecting our own conduct.

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Roll the burden of thy care upon God, and leave it through him, by faith and dependence top top him.

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God makes use of the wicked to execute righteous vengeance on each other; and also he will be glorified by their damage at last.

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Though sinners combine themselves and one another, castle shall not escape God's judgments.

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By the mercy and also truth the God in Christ Jesus, the sins of believers space taken away, and the strength of sin is broken.

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He that has all hearts in his hand, can make a man's opponents to be at tranquility with him.

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A little estate, open minded come by, will rotate to much better account than a good estate ill-gotten.

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If men make God's glory their end, and also his will certainly their rule, that will straight their steps by his Spirit and also grace. 10. Permit kings and judges the the earth be just, and rule in the are afraid of God.

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To observe justice in dealings between man and man is God's appointment.

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The leader that provides his power aright, will uncover that to be his finest security.

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Put those in power who know exactly how to speak to the purpose.

Commentary ~ above Proverbs 16:14,15

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Those room fools, who, to achieve the favour of one earthly prince, litter themselves the end of God's favour.

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There is joy and also satisfaction of spirit, just in getting wisdom.

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A sincerely spiritual man keeps in ~ a distance from every figure of evil. Happy is the man that walks in Christ, and also is led by the heart of Christ.

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When guys defy God's judgments, and also think themselves far from them, it is a authorize they are at the door. Let us not are afraid the proud of others, but fear proud in ourselves.

Commentary ~ above Proverbs 16:19

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Humility, despite it exposes come contempt in the world, is much better than high-spiritedness, which makes God one enemy. He the understands God's word shall discover good.

Commentary on Proverbs 16:21

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The man whose wisdom dwells in his heart, will certainly be found more truly prudent than plenty of who own shining talents.

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As waters come a thirsty land, for this reason is a wise guy to his friends and also neighbours.

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The way man's self-knowledge, always suggests something ideal to be talked to others.

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The indigenous of God cures the diseases that weaken our souls.

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This is fist to all, to take heed of deceiving themselves regarding their souls.

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We must labour for the meat which endureth to everlasting life, or we have to perish.

Commentary ~ above Proverbs 16:27,28

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Ungodly guys bestow more pains to perform mischief than would be needful to carry out good. The whisperer off friends: what a hateful, but how usual a character!

Commentary on Proverbs 16:29,30

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Some carry out all the mischief they have the right to by force and also violence, and are remote to the result.

Commentary top top Proverbs 16:31

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Old human being especially must be discovered in the means of religion and godliness.

Commentary ~ above Proverbs 16:32

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To get rid of our very own passions, requires more steady management, than obtaining win over an enemy.

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Commentary ~ above Proverbs 16:33

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All the handle of Providence concerning our affairs, we should look ~ above to be the determining what we referred to God; and we must be reconciled to them accordingly. Blessed space those that provide themselves approximately the will certainly of God; for he knows what is great for them.