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Say - yielded (verb) which way to "die"

Thousands that ​cows have actually succumbed to the ​disease in the past few ​months.

Cows passed away because the the disease. So, it is - yielded to + the reason of death

But then, ns see many headlines that check out "succumbed to death". And they mean that someone "died".

My concern is - what walk "succumbed come death" mean? simply "death" (then why use "succumbed to") or "death because of" (but then, succumbed to not the word "death")> is expected)!

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succumb method "give in" so the literally means that someone gave in to fatality
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It"s just a matter of perspective, ns think. If ns am battling cancer, i am fighting death, and also I can lose in mine struggle versus either fatality or the disease.

Succumb simply means to surrender or yield. As soon as I"m emotion drowsy, I can succumb to sleep; as soon as I"m top top the verge that a moral lapse, I deserve to succumb to temptation.

NOAD perform both meanings, not as two different meanings, but with one together a "sub-meaning" the the other:

succumb (verb)fail to withstand (pressure, temptation, or part other an adverse force) : he has become the latest to succumb to the strain.• die from the result of a an illness or injury.

The an extremely helpful Etymonline website claims the usage of succumb definition "to dice from" goes ago to the mid-1800s:

Originally transitive; feeling of "sink under pressure" is very first recorded c. 1600. As a euphemism for "to die," native 1849.

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By the way, ns agree v you, in that I deserve to see why "succumbed to her injuries" seems like a curious use of the word. But it"s a widely accepted use, and has to be for part time.