It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to number out that tesoro (masculine, plural: tesori) is the Italian word because that treasure!

IPA: /teˈzɔ.ro/

Both terms deserve to trace earlier their origins to the Greek native thesauros (storehouse, treasure).

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Il pirata aveva seppellito il tesoro prima di morire.

The pirate had buried a treasure prior to he died.

La mappa del tesoro = The sweetheart map

However what you may not know is the tesoro can additionally translate as fortune, wealth or riches. For example, if you want to say the something costs a fortune, one feasible translation is costare un tesoro (lit: to expense a treasure). An in similar way valere un tesoro method to be worth a fortune .

Crescere un figlio costa un tesoro.

Raising a child expenses a fortune.

Yet one more translation is treasury, as in the accumulation or revenue the a state, institution or society.

Tesoro have the right to refer to creative works or masterpieces of good value, including sacred furnishings, relics and precious objects linked with a church or sanctuary.

L’Italia è patria di molti tesori artistici.

Italy is home to many creative masterpieces.

Il Colosseo a Roma, uno dei tesori nazionali più importanti. = The Colosseum in Rome, among the most vital national treasures.

If you have children, I deserve to guarantee the at some allude in your life as a parent, you will certainly take part in a caccia al tesoro, the Italian word for treasure hunt.

Figuratively speaking, tesoro (along v its diminutive creates tesorino, tesoruccio and also tesoretto) is typically used together a term of endearment the loosely equates as darling or sweetheart. That can additionally work together an affectionate surname for someone with a generous and sympathetic nature. In some areas of Italy, tesoro can likewise be abbreviated to the short and sweet teso’.

Tuo figlio è proprio un tesoro!

Your son is a real sweetheart!

Tesoro, or must I to speak tesssoro! is what the creature Gollum from lord of The rings (Il Signore degli Anelli) calls the ‘one ring to preeminence them all’ in the Italian version of the film.

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Fare tesoro di (qualcosa)

Literal translation: to do a treasure of (something)English meaning: come treasure, to cherish, to put to an excellent use, to take to heart

Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro

Literal translation: He who finds a girlfriend finds a treasureEnglish meaning: A girlfriend is a treasure

Trivia: Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro is the title of a comedy special the famous Italian duo Bud Spencer and also Terrence Hill (whose genuine names room Carlo Pedersoli and also Mario Girotti). The film tells the story of Alan (Hill), a young reckless man who hides in Charlie’s boat (Spencer) when he’s about to embark top top a solitary cruise. The pair end up on an island and also decide to help the aboriginal population. Here is a funny fighting scene whereby they protect themselves indigenous a bunch of silly pirates.

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