Not mine this is indigenous http:/www. Scribd. Com/doc/76869047/symbolisim-in-to-Kill-a-Mockingbird-Essay and York notes and another website The Camellia clues The camellia is just one that the countless examples of just how Harper Lee screens symbolism in she book, To kill a Mockingbird. The camellia is offered to Jem indigenous Mrs. Dubose after ~ she dies. The meaning of this gift, however, is difficult to determine. I think the gift could have a couple of different meanings such as a symbol of racism, simply being a type gift, or reminding him to it is in brave and to wake up for what the believes in no matter what.

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The illustration of the camellia alone is an example of symbolism. The flower is white through a black stem. Many people believed that this showed racism. Mrs. Dubose thrived these flowers knowing the an effective white flower was held up by a black stem, which the citizens of Maycomb experienced as a symbol of racism. Mrs. Dubose could have been reflecting that even though the morphine addict has become a braver, more powerful woman, she still has the same beliefs and also finds herself higher than blacks.

The gift might be simply that: a gift. Mrs. Dubose could also have been reflecting Jem the she forgives him. Mrs. Dubose could be mirroring that the flower grew earlier just as beautiful as before and also that the mrs believes Jem learned a lesson. The gift could show the thankfulness she had towards the for keeping her agency during the small bit of time she had left ~ above Earth, or Mrs. Dubose may just want Jem to have something come remember her by.

Mrs Dubose’s camellias represent the prejudices the cannot it is in brushed off conveniently When granny Dubose expresses she deep-rooted prejudices through verbal attacks versus Atticus, Jem’s ‘self-conscious rectitude’ (Chapter 11, p. 108) gives means to fury. The destruction of prejudice is symbolised through Jem’s act of cut ‘the tops turn off every camellia shrub Mrs Dubose owned’, leave the floor ‘littered with eco-friendly buds and also leaves’ (Chapter 11, p. 109), which to represent the idea of new, fresh attitudes now being offered the possibility to grow. Now-on-the-mountain (note the combination of coldness and whiteness), a posh flower, represents Mrs Dubose’s standing in the community – her standing – while the solitary one Jem receives ~ her death is a price of reconciliation, one of the themes the the publication which Jem needs to read to Mrs Dubose – teacher Walter Scott=s Ivanhoe – as well as symbolizing her liberty from addiction. Source: not mine! no mine at all. All credits walk to this website http:/www. Scribd. Com/doc/76869047/Symbolisim-in-to-Kill-a-Mockingbird-Essay and also York notes and another website



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