Azul is the Spanish and also Portuguese word for “blue” which has recently showed up as a female offered name in the unified States and also Catalonia, Spain. Making use of the name Azul because that girls is akin to names prefer Biana or Blanche (the Italian and French words for “white” respectively), or other well-known English “color” names such together Ruby, Scarlett, Violet, Amber or Jade (Azure is the English tantamount to the Spanish Azul). Azul can find its etymological root in the middle ages Latin “lazulum” meaning “heaven, sky” which was borrowed from the Persian لازورد “lāzaward” meaning the same. Lāzhward was the ancient location wherein the semi-precious stone “lapis lazuli” to be mined (modern-day northeastern Afghanistan); a stone prized for its deep blue color and also often described as the “stone the heaven”, “sky stone” or “blue stone”. The old Afghanis were active in their trade of lapis lazuli come the ancient civilizations the Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and also later come the Romans (Cleopatra supplied a powdered-down aspect of the stone for she eye shadow). So at some point “Azul” gets she “blue” shade from this old cherished stone.

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Azul is pretty brand-new to the American female specify name charts and most most likely used mostly within the Hispanic-American population. The name an initial appeared in 2007, raised in intake for the an initial two years and then quickly reversed she course on the charts. In fact, the name is currently so rarely she slipped off the peak 1000 perform of girl’s names and is no longer on the charts as of 2011. It appears unclear what triggered the sudden intake of this “blue” baby name however whatever very nice one it had actually initially appears to it is in fading. Azul (or blue) is the color of the sky and also the ocean and also therefore often determined as a “favorite color”.

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Azul/blue is symbolic that reliability and constancy (like the ocean and also the sky) and also depending on the hue can either develop calm or note excitement. Azul is a pretty choice and fairly rare as a female offered name.