Carley is a modern-day English variation of Carla/Carly and used largely in north America (i.e. Canada and also the U.S.). Carla and Carly are names which arisen from the German Karl an interpretation “free man”. As a feminine form, Carley therefore way “free woman”.

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Carla Bruni is an Italian born supermodel and also singer. In 1988 she was amoung the 20 highest possible paid fashion models.
Female type of the German and Scandinavian name, Karl, which is a variation of Charles. Karl comes from the Old English ceorl, meaning "free man".

What is the an interpretation of Carley ?

Carley is infant girl surname mainly famous in Christian religion and also its key origin is German. Carley name meanings is A form of carly. Other comparable sounding names deserve to be Carly, Carleigh, Carli, Carlie.

Carley name Combinations.

You probably have actually google this question: My baby surname is Carley and how have the right to I incorporate the surname Carley with other names and create distinct & new name? us tried to suggest Carley name combinations. You have the right to see just how it looks the surname Carley as very first name or Carley as last name. Friend can incorporate the middle surname for Carley and develop a unique name.


Carley Stenson

Carley Stenson is an actress/performer. She was most active from 2000 come present. Carley was given the name Carley ann Stenson top top September 22nd, 1982 in greater End.



Carley MijoviY

Carley MijoviY is a basketball player because that the Perth Lynx, Australian academy of sport (WNBL team), Dandenong Rangers, university of Canberra Capitals, and Adelaide Lightning in the Women"s nationwide Basketball League. They have actually had major accomplishments due to the fact that 2009. Carley to be born on respectable 1st, 1994 in Melbourne.

Carley Garner

Carley Garner is a commodity industry strategist, broker, commodity broker, and also commodity market strategist andbroker.

Christopher Carley

Christopher Carley is one actor. Christopher was given the surname Christopher Murphy Carley on might 31st, 1978 in Suffern, new York, U.S. Christopher is likewise known together Carley and also Christopher Murphy.

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Kathleen mar Carley

Kathleen mary Carley is a in the areas of social network analysis, computational sociology, telecommunication policy, and also biosecurity. Kathleen to be born in 1956 in Pueblo, Colorado.