Jai is an Indian name, and is spelled as both Jai and also Jay. ... The surname Jai is a Sanskrit infant name. In Sanskrit the definition of the name Jai is: Victorious.

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Jay is a name for several species of birds. Usually brightly coloured castle are normally noisy tiny birds!
Short type of any name beginning with "J". Could be native the surname of the bird or indigenous Sanskrit meaning "victory".

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What is the an interpretation of Jai ?

Jai is baby young name mainly renowned in Christian religion and also its key origin is . Jai name meanings is Victory. human being search this name as just how to write name jainish in gujarati, Jaid definition , Jain bay girls names, Jain hindi meaning, Jain baby names, Jaish e muhammad, Jaisha in arabic, Nameenin jain dharm, how to pronounce jaian in telugu, Jain hindi wrighting, Riyanash jain meaning, Jaid meaining in hindi, Jaishree surname hindi meins, Jainesh jatin kumar, Jaibunissa definition in urdu, Jain baby girl name, Jairus tamil deatiels. Give, Danish jain the wallpaper, Jaitoon an interpretation in urdu, Nishra meaning in jainism, Jain in hindi, Nishith suresh jain, Jaishree name meaning, Danish jain namehd wallpaper, Jainam surname of gujrati, Jainab average in urdu, Jainam meaning in gujarati, Jain baby boy name, Jainam name gujrati meaning, Hindu young jain names native a. Other similar sounding names deserve to be Ji, Ju, Jia, Joi, Jae, Jie, Jiao, Jo, Joao, Jui, Joe.

Jai name Combinations.

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You probably have google this question: My baby name is Jai and how can I integrate the surname Jai with other names and also create distinctive & new name? we tried to indicate Jai surname combinations. You can see how it look at the name Jai as very first name or Jai as last name. Friend can incorporate the middle surname for Jai and create a distinct name.