Which translate application is free?

Google translate is among the finest all-round translate into apps ~ above the market. The app can detect much more than 100 language and provide offline translations come 59 languages. V their indigenous Lens feature, you can translate message on signs from 37 languages.

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How perform you ask someone what their surname is in Spanish?

the tantamount for “name” in spanish is “nombre”. So, in a literal means we can ask other ‘s name by just asking ” ¿Qué es tu nombre? = what is your name?”. But there is a usual expression in spanish language that is offered in together situation, that is, making use of the “llamarse”= To be called”.

What is words for the letter J in Spanish?

jota. This letter sounds close to the English h sound, despite it different from nation to country. In some places, it makes a harsh sound (almost favor you space trying come spit other up). It never ever sounds prefer the j in English judge. K.

What is the correct way to say the messy female friend in Spanish?

theel la
femalela mujer la hembra
friendel amigo

What room two various ways you can ask what girlfriend or who is favor in Spanish?

What are you like? (familiar) ¿Cómo eres tú? or just ¿Cómo eres? ¿Cómo es usted? or simply ¿Cómo es? Another method might be: how do you check out yourself? (familiar) ¿Cómo dare ves? ¿Cómo se ve?

What is the correct way to say the intelligent boy in Spanish?

theel la
boyel niño

How would you to speak in second period in Spanish?

1) best answer: In 2nd period means en la segunda hora. Remind that duration is a length or section of time. So hora below translates right into period.

Is that El Clase or la clase?

Class in Spanish is la clase, therefore it’s gendered feminine.

How execute you to speak second duration in Spanish quizlet?

Terms in this collection (10)

Primero hora. An initial period.Segunda hora. 2nd period.Tercero hora. 3rd period.Quarto hora. Fourth period.Quinto hora. Fifth period.Sexto hora. Sixth period.Septimo hora. Seventh period.Octavo hora. Eighth period.

What go tienes la calculadora mean in English quizlet?

a. Only $2.99/month. What walk “Tienes la calculadora” mean in English? a He has the calculator.

What was among Gabriela Mistral’s favorite?

One that Gabriela Mistral’s favorite topics for poems is nature. Gabriela Mistral was the pseudonym the Lucila Godoy y Alcayaga, a Chilean poet-diplomat, educator, and also humanist. Explanation: Nature, inspired by she childhood in the Elqui Valley, where she thrived up among mountains, trees, and also water.

What is the surname of the biggest university mechanism in Honduras?

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

What is the correct way to to speak those boots over there in Spanish?

D. Aquella botas

What is the name of a renowned street market in Santo Domingo?

Mercado Modelo. Built in 1942, Santo Domingo’s largest industry is likewise one of the city’s an initial tourist venues.

What field do countless students in Honduras enter after lock graduate?


Where to be the very first Latin American winner of?

Thus, Chile was the first Latin American winner of the noble prize for literature born.

Where to be the very first Latin American winner that the Nobel prize born?

Juan Manuel Santos – Nobel peace Prize 2016 Juan Manuel Santos to be born in Bogota, Colombia.

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Has any Mexican won a Nobel Prize?

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mario Molina, winner of the Nobel compensation in chemistry in 1995 and also the only Mexican scientist to be honored through a Nobel, passed away Wednesday in his aboriginal Mexico City.

How numerous Mexicans have won a Nobel Prize?

Three Nobel Laureates


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