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Todo is a really common and versatile word in Spanish. It have the right to be provided as one adjective or as a pronoun.

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Like other Spanish adjectives and pronouns, todo has various forms to agree in gender and number with the noun the modifies or replaces:


Todo is usually adhered to by a definite write-up or own adjective + noun and method things choose "all," "every," or "the whole."

Todos los librosAll the books / Every book
Todo el mundoEveryone (lit. "all the world")
Toda la claseThe totality class
Todas las chicasEvery girl / all the girls
Todos los díasEvery day
Todos mis perrosAll mine dogs

When todo is offered as a pronoun, it method "everyone" or "everything."

Todo es importante.Everything is important.
Todos estudian.Everyone is studying.
¡Quiero comprar todo!I want to to buy everything!

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